Five rarely talked secrets about Daddy Yankee, Know Daddy Yankee in Five Headings

April 16, 2018
First Published On: April 15, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

One of the Puerto Rican artists, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez a.k.a Daddy Yankee is best known as the pioneers of reggaeton and is currently in talks for his famous collaboration with Luis Fonsi on 2017's most popular song “Despacito.” Let’s know some of the interesting facts and trivia about Daddy Yankee.


Daddy Yankee got his big break after his 2004 reggaeton- hip-hop album Barrio Fino, which went on to become a 5x platinum-selling LP. So without any delay, let’s know some more interesting facts about him.

Five facts about Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee was born on February 3, 1977, in San Juan as Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez. He originally was planning to become a basketball player but he was shot in his leg while taking an interruption from a studio recording session.

5. Daddy Yankee- First Latin artist to sign a deal with Reebok

The mainstream artist across the world are seen signing promotional deals with many lifestyle brands. Likewise, the famous athletic apparel brand- Reebok did an endorsement deal with a Latin musician for the first time and that's how Yankee signed Reebok shoe came into existence. 

CAPTION: Daddy Yankee- First Latin artist to sign a deal with Reebok 
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He even launched his own signature collection of athletic shoes, lifestyle, and accessories.

4. Daddy Yankee’s music- His Number 1 business asset

Although Daddy Yankee has branched into different areas of entertainment, his music is still his first asset. He dreamed of becoming an independent artist since the beginning of his career and now, he successfully has become an independent artist to record music over the past years.

CAPTION: Daddy Yankee’s music- Number 1 business asset
SOURCE: AllMusic

Talking about his independent major label, he now has organized his music empire through his own label- El Cartel Records.

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3. Daddy Yankee- Had a Hack Attack

Well, a few days ago, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi’s song Despacito was deleted from YouTube. As the music video was watched over 5 billion timed on YouTube, it was hacked by cybercriminals.

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CAPTION:  Daddy Yankee- Has a Hack Attack

2. Daddy Yankee- Rarely speaks about his Personal Life

Daddy Yankee has kept most of his personal life under the radar as he rarely speaks about it in any interviews. He said that he avoids doing so just because he believes that the personal life is only the aspect of his life when are not meant to be publicized as they are like a Treasure.

CAPTION: Daddy Yankee- Rarely speaks about his Personal Life
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However, he is a married man and is a father of three children. He is enjoying his marital life with wife Mireddys Gonzalez Ayala.

CAPTION: Daddy Yankee is enjoying his marital life with wife Mir

1. Daddy Yankee- 1st Latin Artist to Hit No.1 on Spotify

Well, Spotify is a digital music which gives us access to millions of songs. And Daddy Yankee deposes Ed Sheeran form the No 1. Spot on Spotify and he became the 1st Latino artist to rock the music stage. His super-hits include- Gasoline, Shaky Shaky, and Despacito- written with Luis Fonsi.

Youtube:  Daddy Yankee- 1st Latin Artist to Hit No.1 on Spotify

In an interview, he said,

Being the first Latin artist to reach #1 in Spotify marks a precedent not only for my career but for the industry in general.”

So, these were some interesting facts about the famous Lationo Love of yours. Kppe up with Hitberry for more.