Five facts about Andre Rieu

January 17, 2018
First Published On: January 17, 2018

One of the Dutch violinists who is best known for creating the waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra, Andre Leon Marie Nicolas Rieu is professionally known as André Rieu.

The Dutch violinist has been able to win the hearts of international audiences but how much do you know about Andre? If you know wanna know more about the King of the Waltz then today let's just know five facts about André Rieu.

Five facts about André Rieu

André Rieu was born on 1 October 1949 in Maastricht, Netherland as Andre Leon Marie Nicolas Rieu. He has two three sisters and two younger brothers. At the age of 5, he began studying violin and develop a fascination with an orchestra. Between the year 1974 to 1977, he attended the Music Academy.

André Rieu- Followed his father's footsteps

The violinist, Andre began studying violin at the age of 5 as his father was a conductor of The Maastricht Symphony Orchestra. Andre followed his father's footstep and started learning violin.

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It is said that if there are interest and passion of doing something, it is sure that they will achieve success in that field. And this violinist, Andre has proven it.

André Rieu- Created Johann Strauss Orchestra

In the year 1987, Andre created Johann Strauss Orchestra with 12 members. The group performed their first concert on 1 January 1988. And over the years, the group has expanded dramatically and is performing with between 80 to 150 musicians.

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André Rieu- Has a unique Violin

Ander plays an iconic Stradivarius violin and is popular for playing the violin in a unique manner.  During an interview, he was asked, Do you sleep with your instrument? Then he said:

No, I sleep with my wife but the violin is in between.

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André Rieu- Fans are crazy about his concert

For your information; every year more than 70,000 fans attend Andre's concert. He has been able to grab a huge attention from all over the world and he is proud of that. Ander is also one of the top 10 touring acts in the world and his largest concert attendance in Melbourne's Telstra Dome was 38,605.

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André Rieu- Living happy married life with Marjorie Rieu

Andre is married to Marjorie since 1975. They are together for more than four decades, and their love for each other has not faded. The couple is still living a blissful married life without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.

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Both Andre and Marjorie were teenagers when they decided to take their relationship to the next level. In the year 1978, the couple welcomed their first son, Marc Rleu and in 1981 they gave birth to their second son, Pierre Rieu.