Fitness Model Natalia Muntean Kern Net worth, Salary and Career. Married to husband Frank Kern

October 17, 2016
First Published On: October 17, 2016

Natalie Muntean is a fitness model, fitness and nutrition writer; and a Businessperson. She is married to non-other than Frank Kern who is a marketing legend and a real successful person.

Today, we have stopped by here to let you guys be aware about Natalia’s net worth, salary alongside her career as well.

Natalia Muntean Net Worth and Salary

As we officially assumed that she is the wife of one of the best, Frank Kern; we may consider how much her compensation ranges, right!! To let you folks know, Frank's net worth is $28 million and his salary hovers somewhere around $1.4 million.

Now, don’t you guys think Natalia’s net worth is counted as well? I mean she is not only a model, but she has multiple professions to deal with. Despite all the odds, I think she is no less than her husband in this matter.

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Let us simply consider it; Natalia has showed up in huge amounts of magazines cover, she is a good spokesperson, she has won plenty of awards, and she is a fitness trainer, a model, Etcetera. With such variety of things supporting her up, I beyond any doubt feel that her net worth and salary hit 7-8 figures. 

Natalia Muntean Career

Muntean got involved in fitness after being super frustrated with all fatty diets that is available. As a disappointed teenager, she began reading books after that and filled herself with so much learning which made her identity today.

Natalia started with passion and finished up as a real prosperous fitness person. To this day, she has won plenty awards like ‘Miss Bikini Universe Overall Champion 2009’, ‘Miss Bikini Florida 2008’ and ‘WBFF Fitness Model World Champion 2009’. 

Natalia Muntean in a bodybuilding contest.

Natalia Muntean in a bodybuilding contest.

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In one of the interviews, she stated that she normally relies on preventing; she believes that it is better to prevent the problem than to fix it, So, she started with 2 dumbbells cuz her body was getting into a bad shape. And that is how her love towards bodybuilding came live. She states that bodybuilding not only changer her body but also brought success into her life and gave her an entire new career. 

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Natalia Muntean Book

Natalia has also written a book named ‘Kill The Jiggle’. And with her book, Natalia’s net worth is even higher these days. The book has been sold worldwide and it has become one of the best income sources of Muntean.

The book explains you about how to get thinner and all sorts of exercises with her pictures included. And yes ofcourse, the book is for Women and it can be a life changer for all of you ladies out there. So, if you are interested, get your copy and transform your body. 

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Natalia Muntean Husband, Frank Kern

Her husband’s name is Frank Kern and he is an internet marketer, a successful entrepreneur and a business consultant. They got married on 2012 New Year’s and been together since then. Frank Kern is considered as a ‘Guru’ in the internet world cuz he has so much knowledge about marketing that he would sale anything inside of it. He started with small like all people and ended up as a real successor.  

Frank Kern, Natalia's husband

Frank Kern, Natalia's husband

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To this day, he has been through a lot and he has endured so much of things. In 1994, he lost everything in a flood in Macon GA, there was time when he couldn’t even pay his rent and more. Soon, his time took a right turn and he was introduced to Internet Marketing. Then, he was a millionaire in a short amount of time.