Fiona Phillips talks about her husband, her family and her illness

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2016Updated on   06 May, 2021

Fiona Phillips is famous English journalist, broadcaster and TV presenter best known as the lovely host for ITV Breakfast program on GMTV. Born in Canterbury on January 1961, Fiona completed her education from Birmingham City University. She is now the deputy presenter of Lorraine.

In an interview with Mirror UK in September 2015, Phillips revealed quite a handful about her family, husband and more. She has come a long way from five years ago when she was handling her family and parents suffering from Alzheimer’s amidst juggling her career as a TV presenter. She is horrified by Alzheimer’s which killed both her parents. She feels a pressing need to take precautions and actively stay in contact with her behaviors so her husband and children do not feel stranded if she’s unfortunate to suffer from the disease herself,

"Of course I fear inheriting the disease with my family history, and I sometimes wake up in the night feeling anxious and worried about it. My parents were relatively young when they got it; my mum was in her early 50s, although at the time, we just put it down to her being eccentric.

"My dad was in his early 60s when he began behaving oddly," says this warm, bubbly woman, who recently stood in for Lorraine Kelly on her breakfast show and is a determined woman, rather than self-pitying, about the possibility of such a scenario.

She started her career in independent radio working as a reporter for local stations County Sound in Surrey, Hereward Radio and Radio Mercury in Sussex. She entered TV as co-presenter for BBC South East’s Weekend programme and later became worked as reporter for CNN News. Moving on without any sorts of external agents, she became the station’s entertainment editor, producing, reporting and presenting CNN News’ entertainment output. Phillips has presented other programs, including as the celebrity lifestyle show OK!TV, Baby House and Room to Rent, Carlton's entertainment guide Good Stuff, LWT's Friday evening entertainment show Start the Weekend, ITV's Sunday Night and the Rich and Famous series. Phillips currently writes an opinion column in the Daily Mirror on Saturdays and works as an agony aunt in New! Magazine.

In 1997, she married her replacement for the Christmas holidays Martin Frizell, an LA based entertainment reporter. Talking about her marriage with Daily Mail UK back in 2010, she stated
'Marriage is so familiar, it is so difficult to keep that spark and remember why you got together in the first place, with everything that's thrown at you – work, children.' But despite all hardships her marriage is still going strong even after 18 years of marriage. Frizell & Phillips together have two son/; Nathaniel and Mackenzie.

Phillips also voiced the character of Katie Current in the British release of Shark Tale.

Her salary was a reported £300,000 in the year 2009, her net worth as of today is still an undisclosed matter.