Find out Lisa and Lena's Net Worth, Awards, Sources of Income, and Career

A pair of 15 years old twins has a net worth of more than hundred thousand dollars. Hard to believe isn’t it?  The twins came into the spotlight in 2015, with the help of a famous application amongst teenagers, ‘Musically’. Now, people are curious to know about Lisa and Lena's net worth.


They were just regular twins, from Germany who started making videos of dancing and lip syncing, just for fun and now has over a million fans. Today, we will let you guys know about Lisa and Lena's net worth, career, awards, and more about them. Stay with us.

Lisa and Lena’s Net Worth and Awards

Even though Lisa and Lena grabbed a huge attention and is in the headlines, they did not share much about their net worth. However, some sites claim that Lisa and Lena's net worth is estimated to be around $175,000. Isn't it a pretty much amount for someone who is only 15 years old?

Sources claim that they have over 21 million followers on making them one of the highly followed in the app. And now, the duo has signed with WME.

CAPTION: Lisa and Lena SOURCE: Outsiderz

Speaking of Lisa and Lena's awards, in 2016, they received the Golden Bravo Otto as Social-Media-Stars.  Recently, they received Shorty Award as Muser of the Year.

The twins decided to contribute some of their earnings to the social charity solving children's issues. They even volunteered in many organizations related to the specific issue in past days as well. This is what makes them the apple of eye and inspiration for many teenagers out there!

Lisa and Lena's Sources of Income

As they hit the spotlight in 2015, several famous companies and brands contracted them for endorsements and sponsorships. There is no doubt that it might have helped them to collect the huge amount.

CAPTION: Lisa and Lena SOURCE: Instagram

Apart from musically, they are also a popular Instagram star over 11.5 millions of followers. Well, you know these apps have also been a huge platform for marketing these days.

Recently, they also started their clothing line called, Compose, in partnership with OCFM GmbH. Their clothing brand definitely helped them to add extra bucks in their net worth.

Lisa and Lena’s Early Career

They shared their first video, a six-second black and white rendition of "Treble Heart" by Anna Graceman, to Instagram on 10th December 2015. Since then, they’ve started making even more perfect videos and lip syncs with proper lighting, choreographed moves, matching outfits, etc.

In February 2016, they gained hundred thousand followers and by April, gained over five hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Now, they’ve reached up to 19 million fans on musically.

In February 2016, they gained hundred thousand followers and by April, gained over five hundred thousand followers on Instagram.