Find out Lil Poopy's Net Worth, Salary, and Total Earnings

If you have not heard about Lil Poopy its time, we suggest you do because he might be the next Jay-Z. Lil Poopy whose real name is Luis Rivera Jr. recently came into limelight for his rapping linked to Coke Boys.

Let us remind you, by the way; he is just 13 years old. Yes, that's quite shocking. Do you have any guesses what his net worth might be?

Lil Poopy Signed a 4-year contract with Sony Music 

When Luis Rivera Jr. first rap, Pop That was uploaded in the youtube, he never had thought that the giant record company like Sony would approach him for a contract. At first glance, you would mistake him for this cute lil girl.

But be warned. Don't go on his looks because he has slain many rappers more than Poopy' age and is now cruising in the rap world at this mere tender age of 13.

Imagine what damage he could do when he gets older? Here's a video of him rapping. You sure would get inspired by watching this video.

Yes, you heard it right, Sony Music signed a record deal with him for four years. Sony did not sign him like that. It has been in the music business for more than 70 years, and it can identify a gem, a talented artist in this case.

[ CAPTION: Lil Poopy in seen getting kissed in his music video][ SOURCE: DailyMail ]

Although the signing amount has not been disclosed by either party, we can calculate his estimated net worth. 

According to, top-notch artists like Jay-Z is paid a $150 million for signing a record deal with Sony.

Likewise, Adele signed a $130 million contract with Sony Music last year,  the largest contract a British musician is signed, and she is already worth $125 million.

[ CAPTION: Adele holding six Grammy awards at the 54th annual gram ][ SOURCE: Businessinsider ]

However, the uprising lil star is not worth that amount, but Sony Music must have at least given him few thousand dollars for the record deal. 

With all calculations and assumptions, Lil Poopy's worth is estimated to be at least a million dollar. He is already working on his new album, Million Dollar Baby.

[ CAPTION: Lil poopy Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
Moreover, his new single, Numbers also released in February this year. We sincerely hope, Lil Poopy will be a famous rapper. No doubt in that, given the kid is already famous having more than 400k Instagram followers.
His appearance on the tv show, 'The Rap Game' also helped him gain fame, although he did not win the competition. Apart from his singing career, he does not seem to have any other sources of income or salary.

Lil Poopy flaunts Gucci sunglass and is seen in a pair of Lacoste jeans

If that continues, that day is not so far that we get to see him listed on the Forbe's list of the highest earning artist. 
You can already see him flaunting Gucci sunglass and is seen wearing a pair of Lacoste jeans in one of his Instagram pictures.
[ CAPTION: Lil Poopy donning a Lacoste and wearing a pair of Gucci ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Also, he is also seen donning Jordan along with a lot of blings, probably Swarovski crystals. Lil Poopy also posts himself enjoying a vacation with his family at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort which charges more than a $150 a night for a room.

So it is safe to assume that he is making some good money. 

Lil Poopy Got Tangled In a Music Video Controversy

A few years back, the young rapper got tangled in a music video controversy because Lil Poopy is seen getting a little too handsy with a stripper in the video.

Lil Poopy's father, Luis Rivera was as a result put under investigation by Massachusetts Department of Children of Families. But no worries. The charges were later dropped.

Interestingly, earlier when the video, 'Pop That' which was one of French Montana's original went viral, the popular rapper, French Montana did not seem to mind.

But Montana decided to cut off his ties with Lil Poopy once the news of his music video controversy came. His exact words, 

Keep my name out of that.

 The reason was simple; he did not want any of his bad reps to affect his image. How selfish of him!

[ CAPTION: Lil Poopy is seen slapping a girl_s rear in the video ][ SOURCE: DailyMail ]

Apparently, his seniors also treated him the same way, or say they underestimated him. But the Massachusetts fifth-grader made sure they realize their mistake. He left them a reply.

All of the older people – older friends – always underestimated me. They like me now. ... I just want them to know that I'm coming for the top. They better be ready.

Yes, they better get ready to get mowed. So senior artists might consider treating him with respect.