Find out Jameis Winston's Net Worth, Salary, Career, and Awards

Ryan LeePublished on   04 Jan, 2018Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

If you are familiar with Ameican football team then you would better know the name of Jameis Lanaed Winston ( Jameis Winston) one of the popular quarterbacks for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL).

Winston's Net worth is more talked about nowadays. Do you want to know the salary and net worth of Jameis Winston's? How his started his career? so if you are interested to know the answer then stick with us.

Jameis Winston's net worth

Jameis Winston officially signed his rookie contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday.

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The Number 1 overall pick did with his money the four-year contract is worth $23.35 million and includes a $16,7 million signing bonus according to a report from  

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Jameis Winston has some impressive numbers attached to his young NFL career. You can see his new 1.09-acre house.

The former Florida States star and Bessemer, Alabama, native has closed on a $ 1.195 million property in a deal that closed June 20, according to Tampa Bay Business Journal. 

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According to report, The house is a Mediterranean-style design which includes five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms and an RV parking pad.

[ CAPTION: Jameis Winston's House ][ SOURCE: The Business Journals ]

Jameis Winston rookie year of 2015, He made a total of $4.6 million including all bonuses. The second year of 2016, James made a total of about  $5.7 million including all bonuses.

In 2017 seasonal year Jameis is bound to make a total of about $6.9 million including all bonuses. Likewise Jameis contract in 2018 he is set to make his last $8 million from a team in salary earnings including all the bonuses.

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Jameis Winston has been in contact with international brands and two of his most clients brands are Nike and Pepsi.  He receives combine of about $2 million annually from this two brands.

Jameis Winston Car collection

Jameis Winston maintains his personality as a player and loves to enjoy the parties.  So for his special appearances, there is nothing better than showing up in a luxurious car. 

[ CAPTION: Jameis Winston's car ][ SOURCE: Live Biography ]

Jameis Winston has a beautiful car collection and all of them are lavish and luxurious. Ferrari 458 Sider( 2015 model) is starting price is $750,000 which we can say is expensive and luxurious.

[ CAPTION: Jameis Winston's car ][ SOURCE: CitrusRap ]

Winston loves riding on Range Rover wich average is $54,530 to $78,780. Likewise, he has Audi R8 of 2016 model which starting price is $164,150 to $117,150 and Rolls Royce Phantom of 2017 model which nearly cost $420,325.

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Winston's net worth is growing since he joined NFL. So we hope for the better future in his life.