Find how music producer and entrepreneur Damon Dash happen to he part of Rachel Roy, Beyoncé, and Jay Z Love Triangle.Look at their photos at the 2016 CFDA Awards

HitBerryPublished on   07 Jun, 2016Updated on   28 May, 2021

The love triangle is in the air! Guys, do you remember the incident of Rachel Roy, Jay-Z ,Beyoncé, and Dame Dash crossing their paths in 2016 CFDA??

Well, in the ceremony, they ignored each other. 

Besides, being business partners, Daman Dash who is the producer of many music videos and Jay-Z were good friends with but unfortunately, they got separated and the reason behind that is still unknown.

There are many painful histories that would get unraveled with the course of time. There was the rumour that Jay-z was in relation with Rachel Roy who was married to businessman Damon Dash. Rachel Roy is the fashion designer and entrepreneur and has their own brand.

Rachel Roy and Damon Dash was married in 2005 and later they got divorced may be in 2009. This is the love triangle and some unforgettable history of Rachel Roy, Daman Dash, Jay-Z and Beyonce life. Damon Dash must have a cursed love life because once his girlfriend was dead without getting engaged and even though he got married after years, he got divorced. Now, what do we call that??

After many years again we are on the same page in 2016 CFDA. They saw each other and didn't give the reaction. Do u think they ignoring each other?