Filmmaker Noah Baumbach and his wife, Greta Gerwig who have been married for 5 years, expecting a child?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

You all have seen the epic movie The Squid and the Whale (2005) right??

Well it is one of the critically hit movies of all time. Today we are talking about the personal life of the film maker of this very movie Noah Baumbach.

There has been a lot of hot news of Noah and his second partner Greta expecting a baby. There is not enough proof of them having a baby though. However, according to HollywoodLife, the couple recently had an appointment with the gynecologist.

Their latest visit to the gynecologist must have fueled up the gossip of the couple expecting a baby. However, the visit might just be a casual one.

We cannot confirm them expecting a baby only on this small clue. At least we cannot confirm the news until the couple announces of them having a baby by themselves.

Actually Noah was firstly married to actress Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2001. Then they got divorced in 2013. The divorce was filed in 2010 and then finalized in 2013. So they had been living separately since 2010. They have one son together.

The sources close to his Ex-wife Jennifer often have to say that Noah had a secret affair with some women back then and this was the reason of their marriage going way ward. However, the main reason of their divorce has not been made public yet.

Then the romance of Noah and Greta started in late 2011. We are not sure if they have got married or not as there is no official news of such thing. Noah and Greta both are from film making field. So the common passion and work might have built the special bond in between them.

Noah Baumbach is one of the most acclaimed filmmaker. He is well known for making dramatic comedies as of now. He has written and directed various movies. Among them, Frances Ha (2012), While We're Young (2014), and Mistress America (2015), The Squid and the Whale (2005) etc are some of the hit ones.

He was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Squid and the Whale (2005).

He is acclaimed for being entirely for being different at professional and personal lives. “It's funny, I'm very analytical in my real life, but in terms of my films, I try to not analyze them at all and let things just go into them and let them be what they are. I mean, people ask me to this day what 'The Squid and the Whale' stood for, and I have no idea except that it's an exhibit in the Natural History Museum”, he said in one of his interviews.

The net worth of this popular film maker is estimated to be around $50 million