Filipino actor Enrique Gil finally dating his on-screen girlfriend Liza Soberano in real life!!

August 18, 2015
First Published On: August 18, 2015
by HitBerry

The ‘Forevermore’ stars Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano have finally admitted their feelings for each other. The teen star Soberano confirmed that she has feelings for her on-screen lover and co-star Enrique Gil in an exclusive interview with entertainment site Push. As for Gil, he revealed his infatuation for the 17 year old Filipino beauty in an interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight”.

Now that the two have finally opened up their feelings for each other, the rumor about their off-screen romance that had been surrounding them for so long has finally been confirmed.

The cute girl Liza seemed quite positive about their relationship and even said they might take their affair to the next level in future. The Asian-American teenager also said that she liked Gil because he is a family-oriented guy and that he is always there for her whenever she needs.

But despite the blossoming love between these two, it seems like this Filipino guy would have to wait until Soberano turns 18 before formally courting her. The model and a dancer had previously shown his desire to win over his ladylove but unfortunately he can’t do so until she comes of age. Until then he will have to wait patiently.

The actor, who endorsed Cloudfone as a brand ambassador, recently spoke to the reporters about his ongoing friendship with Liza. He admitted that he was enjoying her company.

 “For me, what I am saying, even if there is no label, as long as she knows she is special, that she's special to me, that's okay with me,” said the Just The Way You Are actor.

Liza, who turns 18 next January, will be eligible to date men and when Gil was asked if he was on the frontline as one of Liza’s suitors, he answered sheepishly, “She knows I'm first in line.”

And when the reporters asked whether the girl would say yes to him, he laughed and answered jokingly, “Yes, she'll say yes. Joke only. There's forever, promise, promise.”

The teenage heartthrob also shared the detail about his relation with Liza’s family. The actor didn’t seem shy at all when he said that he was very close to Soberano’s family.

Enrique said: “I told her that I have bonded with her family. They like me a lot, especially on her mother's side. They even said, 'He's a keeper.’”

Looks like someone’s already impressed the future in-laws!!! (wink)

The hot and happening duo also recently did a movie together called ‘Just the Way You Are’ which was based on the best-selling Pop Fiction book ‘‘The Bet’’ by Kimberly Joy Villanueva. The couple are also set to do a TV soap together. And now we just have to wait a few more months to see Liza dating Gil as his girlfriend.

Despite being one of the most loved on-screen couple, the growing romance between these two is not well-liked by a few of their fans, more specifically, GIL’s fans. The social media sites are filled with haters. But Enrique does not give a damn about them. And the actor said that he shares posts on his Twitter and Instagram account not to please anyone, especially the haters.