Fifteen Years Old Joshua Rush Career: Know about his Family Life and Parents

October 30, 2017
First Published On: October 30, 2017
by HitBerry

Whenever we talk about child artists, we cannot forget the name, Joshua Rush. Yes, Joshua is one who breakout motion picture role in 2012 family comedy Parental Guidance. He is best known for playing Cyrus Goodman on the Disney Channel series Andi mack.

Joshua has been performing since the moment he was born so there is a great role of his parents. They supported his acting career while raising him in Texas. So, if you are interested to know more about his career and parents then here's an article that may interest you all.

Joshua Rush's parents supported Joshua's acting career

Joshua was born in Houston, Texas in 2001. His father is a marketing strategist and his mother is a corporate documentary producer. He is Jewish and at present, he lives in Carson, California with his parents.

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Parenthood has been the beneficiary of the wonderful performance by child actors. Joshua was just 10 months old when he first appeared on a local television.

By the age 2 and a half, he had the uncanny ability to identify cars by logo and body style and he was featured on the KHOU morning news in a segment- How to raise "smart kids".

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His first major television role came in 2009 when he was cast on Heros, where he played Zachary Quinto's character at a very young age. Before he worked on Heros, he appeared on Private Practice. After Heros, he had minors roles on Parenthood, CSI: NY, and Special Agent Oso.

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And at present, Joshua is working in an American comedy-drama, Andi Mack. And he has a crazy busy day on the set. So how's he busy on the set. Let's know detailly.

Joshua Rush- Seriously Busy on the 'Andi Mack' Set

Andi Mack is introducing Disney Channel's first gay character when season two returns and Joshua who played the role- Cyrus, will come out as gay in the new season and this might be the reason for Joshua's busy schedule.

He laid out his typical plans on set. He said:

“I’ll wake up about an hour and a half before my call time, get ready and dressed and drive to wherever the set is that day,” he explains. “Sometimes I’ll rendezvous with Sofia Wylie and carpool with her because we live in the same apartment building."

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He added that he'll arrive on set, where he orders the breakfast and after 45 minutes, he's ready to go. He can be on set for 9 1/2 hrs, of which three has to be in school and 30 minutes has to be lunch.

Josh said:

 “While we’re on set, we go to a variety of locations. We go to Magna, UT, which is where the Spoon (the hangout diner for the Good Hair Crew) is, or to a real middle school in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains to film any scenes at the school.”

Youtube: Andi Mack: Joshua Rush - Disney Channel Wand ID

He adds that his studio is in Salt Lake and that's where they spend most of their time. After he leaves set and will meet up with Sofia in their apartment clubhouse to play pool and prep their lines for the next day. And then go to sleep after having dinner.

By reading Joshua's schedule, anyone else tired just by reading this. Don't you think so?