Felicity Kendal looking freshfaced after a year of giving up facelift and plastic surgery

August 18, 2015
First Published On: August 18, 2015
by HitBerry

If you had seen her a few years ago then it would be difficult for you to recognize actress Felicity Kendal now. She now looks nothing like how she looked then. The actress has decided to give up Botox and facial fillers and now she has finally emerged with her natural look. And the thing is, despite her wrinkly skin and old sagged features, she looks quite beautiful and fresh faced.

The Rosemary and Thyme star has been widely known for the extensive plastic surgery procedures which gave her the most beautiful and perfectly youthful glow even in her 60s. We must say, plastic surgeons are the new Gods and knives their divine weapons.

The actress who enjoyed the youthful look for quite a long time seems to be getting over it and learning to accept the fact that now she is old and it’s time to be the real her. And thankfully the ‘The Good Life’ fame decided to ditch the Botox and facial fillers. The actress had previously revealed that she was happy in the past for being able to retain her beauty. But talking to Good Housekeeping last year she said: ‘There comes a point where you have to match bits of you with the other bits otherwise you get a terribly random situation.’ She said that she wanted her face to match her body. True indeed because one can make a face look younger but it is almost impossible to do the same to his/her body.

And she was true to her words as she was pictured in her natural look on the street of London where she was seen enjoying a stroll in a parka jacket and jeans. She looked rather old without Botox and no trace of facelift. Nonetheless,  she looked quite fresh and full of energy.

The actress aged 68, who vowed to maintain well balanced meals in 2014 seemed really healthy despite her age.

 ‘I eat quite healthily’ she had told in 2014: ‘I don’t like stodgy food, so I am a salad, pasta and steak girl.’

The all natural actress looked fabulous in a grey coat and had her beautiful eyes covered with thick eyeliner and took to the street of London with sunglasses and an umbrella in her hand. She had her blonde locks left loose which perfectly suited her. She had a long necklace hung around her neck which suited her look very well.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star told Good Housekeeping in 2011 that she preferred wrinkle free look and did not like them being seen on her face when she was performing on-screen. She also revealed that she had given up Botox in 2010 but not permanently as she was thinking of going back to it again.

But now it seems that the tattooed actress has really given up all the artificial procedures to gain a perfect look and now she is quite happy with her real self. The actress does not have official Twitter and Instagram account.