Felicia Knox' Husband Cody Walker's Net Worth: Know His Career and upcoming movies

October 25, 2017
First Published On: October 25, 2017
by HitBerry

Cody Walker a renowned actor who featured in the hit movie world war II  film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage and in the television programme The Rough is the brother of the perished on-screen character Paul Walker. Cody completed in last scenes in the film Furious 7 replacing brother Paul Walker.

Cody has made his fans wonder about how much of the net worth he accumulates with his hit shows. So guys let us also know the net worth of Cody and also the career he involved in...

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Cody Walker’s Net worth, Know About His Car

A 29-year-old actor, Cody is pretty popular and has earned his name and fame through his acting skills playing few films. However, going to his estimated net worth, will you believe that the young age guy is earning $1 million? The amount you saw is right and is not a small amount.

According to Cody's Instagram, we can see that he is making the t-shirt with the name of Paul Walker "Game For Paul" which is worth $29.

Instagram: Cody Walker with his Game 4 T-shirt;


Cody has just entered to an acting field and going through Cody's Instagram we found that he owns Mazda CX9 which is in the red color and he went for a drive with his brother.

Moreover, Cody goes out on a trip where he is a fun loving guy and loves touring different places. On 4th of July 2017, he went to celebrate his birthday in the lake where pictures clearly state that he is having his birthday celebration with his friends and having ultimate fun...

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Cody Walker’s Career

Cody Walker started his career debut in the horror movie Abandoned Mine where played a role of Thomas. Cody got the role in Fast and Furious 7 after the death of his brother Paul on 30th November 2013 in a car accident. After the death of his brother, Cody got into the film to complete his brother’s role as Brian O Conner, as the filmmaking was in the process.

Cody Walker for the Award function, Cody Walker for the Award function,
Source: Muzul

Cody Walker made his appearances in Furious 7 and after that, he played in numerous films in place of Paul Walker. Likewise, He also performed as a supporting role side of Nicolas Cage in the film World War second USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage in 2016. Cody's first lead acting debut will release by the end of 2017 in The Tunche (2017).

Unlike his brother, Cody is so successful in acting but he is making his way in the field. We wish him best of luck on his upcoming future.