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Fashion model Cara Delevingne strips down for protection of 'Endangered Species'

June 3, 2016
First published on:June 3, 2016
by John

It’s not a new thing for celebrities to strip down to nothing for some noble causes especially to support an animal welfare cause. This time, it’s Cara Delevingne who’s baring it all for the first ever ‘I’m Not A Trophy’ campaign. The I’m Not A Trophy campaign is a global initiative which aims to bring awareness to the malicious acts of trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species.

"I'm Not A Trophy" inaugural ambassador Cara Delevingne.    Source: MarieClaire

Even Cara Delevingne has done nude shoots before this one is different and holds a very special place in her heart. Unlike other celebrities, Cara is not doing the campaign just for the supporting, in fact, she feels very deeply about wildlife. The killing of Cecil the Lion last summer really affected Cara Delevingne, the issue still lies very close to her heart. The killing affected her so deeply that she didn’t hesitate to auction her TAG Heur watch to raise funds for

The tattoo on her index finger is in the fond memory of Cecil, the Lion. 


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Cara’s “I’m Not A Trophy” campaign shoot is unlike any other nude shoot she has done before. The former supermodel may be naked but she has been covered up by surreal wildlife graphics that feature endangered species! Kudos to the campaign’s photographer Arno Elias for such an extraordinary piece of work.

Cara's 2013 nude shoot for LOVE magazine.     Source: DailyMail

Cara who is also very fond of Arno’s work talked to Marie Claire about it,

"I was introduced to Arno's work after falling in love with the images he did for my friend and fellow model, Suki Waterhouse. Suki put us in touch and before we knew it we were in Paris shooting together."

Cara for the 'I'm Not A Trophy' campaign.      Source: MarieClaire 

The campaign is for such a noble cause and Cara plays beautifully in the aesthetic section but that’s not all she’s doing! Apparently Cara has more roles to play than just looking good in the pictures.

"I plan on being very hands-on with the organization and will do whatever I can to help create awareness for the tragic poaching and trophy hunting that is occurring in Africa," she explained. "I'm extremely proud to act as the inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I'm Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species but empowers women as well."

Now that’s one hell of a campaign, protecting the endangered species and empowering women at the same time!

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