Is the Fashion Icon and Super Model Naomi Campbell Dating or Single?

October 31, 2017
First Published On: October 24, 2017
by HitBerry

The original Supermodel and fashionista Naomi Campbell is a name that people in the fashion world regard and respect as a high stature. So, is the hottie Dating or Single? Let’s take a look.

Campbell was also linked to several famous names including Mike Tyson and Vladimir Doronin but is it true? Who is the guy she hiding now?

Is Naomi Campbell Dating or Single?

Naomi Campbell was first rumored to be dating Mike Tyson, and it was later confirmed that they were involved and even the two had sex in 1987. But who is she currently in love with? So here goes the big answer.

Campbell at present is dating multimillionaire Louis C. Camilleri, 61, almost 15 years older than her. Although she has been tight-lipped about Louis, sources reveal

Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. They’re all over each other when they’re out. Naomi likes to keep her relationships private and it is early days but there’s a real spark between them and their close friends are aware they’re dating.

Naomi was previously reported to go on secret dates and trips on a private jet with Loius who happens to be the director of Ferrari. Apparently, Naomi loves Ferrari, good for her because she met Loius at Grand Prix races, which worked like a charm. Also said to be one of the reasons they met.

Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell

So time will only tell. Sooner or later she has to disclose the secret man in her life. Naomi cannot hide him forever.

But strangely, Loius is not the first rich businessman she has dated. Once a judge of the reality modeling competition, The Face Naomi appears to have dated not only businessman different only regarding nationality but were same concerning wealth.

Vladislav Doronin was one such billionaire, a Russian by nationality who Campbell dated in 2008. The couple split after being in five long years of relationship.

Naomi Campbell and Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin Naomi Campbell and Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin Source:

Before him, she was engaged to Flavio Briatore. Guess what? He is also a businessman but an Italian. But after four years of relationship, they too split.The reason Naomi claimed was his unreasonable expectations. But that was expected when you marry a rich but an older guy.

Naomi Campbell with her former fiancee Flavio Braitore Naomi Campbell with her former fiancee Flavio Braitore Source:

Similarly a Brazilian billionaire, Marcus Elias also comes in the list of her past affairs. She dated him back in 2008 but ended in the same year. Another Italian tycoon, Matteo Marzotto, and Naomi started dating in 2004 and split only after eight months.

Matteo Marzotto with Naomi Matteo Marzotto with Naomi

Not only businessmen her ex’s also include actors, musicians and players all of them making more than a dozen of men. The British model and actress seem rather erratic when it comes to dating men, unlike her professional career.

Source: Pinterest

You will be surprised if you come to know about Naomi Campbell’s past affairs. You have already known the first guy. It will become a very long list if all of her exes are mentioned. So just know some of the famous celebs she dated. Adam Clayton was one of them. The duo got engaged in 1994 shortly after they started dating and ended soon after their engagement.

Naomi and Sean at her 46th birthday party Naomi and Sean at her 46th birthday party

Usher Raymond, Eric Clapton, Sean Combs, Adam Clayton and the list goes on. We honestly pray, Naomi Campbell has met her prince this time.