Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni has a new Fall/Winter Collection for 2015 filled with shoes, shoes and more shoes

August 10, 2015
First published on:August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Chiara Ferragni is certainly one of the most acclaimed fashion blogger in the world right now. With over three million followers in social networking sites like twitter and instagram, she has her own shoe line and collaborates with fashion’s biggest names (Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger).

The Blonde Salad blogger has reportedly released her latest shoe collections for the forthcoming winter and fall and they are adorable as always. The Chiara Ferragni shoes fall/winter 2015-2016 collection campaign features Ferragni herself, posing whilst wearing her favorite Californian hipster styled attire paired with her dazzling shoes.

 Fashion aficionados around the globe are thrilled with the Italian stunner’s nonchalantly chilled and laidback approach. Her new collection is said to stand out with glitz and glam combined with comfort and stability.

 Enthusiasts are particularly interested in the ‘Monster’ selection of foot-friendly slip-ons and glam heeled sandals that will heighten you party set to a different level.

The collection, aside from her usual glittery heeled pumps, slippers and loafers which are more suited to a sunny weather condition, also comprises of an assortment of winter friendly selection like booties and over-the-knee suede boots that go quite well with snowy surroundings.

As always, her designs come in several shades, with and without glittering effects that one way or another manage to attract fashionistas with different tastes and likings.

 Chiara started The Blonde Salad six years back and its popularity has sky rocketed ever since. Her blog, as a rule, contains her personal interests- fashion, photography, travel, food and lifestyle. Her endeavors never cease to impress and are sought after by the biggest fashion companies.

 Her success in the industry can be seen through all that she has achieved – from being in the cover of vogue magazine to becoming the face of fashion behemoth Guess. In 2015, her blog and shoe line also became a subject of study at Harvard Business School.

 Chiara Ferragni is not just a pretty face. She has achieved quite a lot in her field. Besides being one of the top names in the fashion industry and already having accomplished so much, she also attended Milan’s Bocconi University for a degree in law. She started her blog ‘The Blonde Salad’ while completing her education at the university in 2009.

 Ferragni has been known to have dated fellow college mate and coworker Riccardo Pozzoli with whom she spent six years. He is now her ex-boyfriend as they broke up in 2013. But they are still working together. Chiarra reportedly announced the breakup via a post on Instagram, which caused a lot of her fans to be disheartened. Since then, she has been linked to photographer Andrew Arthur.

Reports confirm that the Chiara Ferragni shoes fall/winter collection will soon be available in 300 retailers’ store globally as well as on the brand’s official website. Let’s just hope that she keeps coming up with newer designs that will not stop impressing fashion lovers everywhere. 

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