Faith Ford and her struggle with Graves' Disease.

May 4, 2016
First Published On: May 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Five-time Primetime Emmy winner, Murphy Brown actress Faith Ford has been fighting against the Graves’ Disease.

The 1988 hit drama Murphy Brown made her an overnight star. She portrayed Corky Sherwood and this character was loved by everyone winning her various awards and nominations. She won Golden globe award for best-supporting actress for her role. Little did she knew, there were changes happening in her body.

I was losing weight, even though I was eating enough food for two full grown men, I wanted to dip my hands in ice water just to cool down Diagnosis,” said Ford.

She was constantly getting tired and felt very hot even though the room were cool. She also stated that she felt as if she had grain in hThe diagnosis revealed that she had Graves’ disease.

Although Graves' disease did pose a problem in her early career, it definitely didn’t stop her from pursuing her career.

Ford stated that after few years that disease had stopped bothering her but again showed up after six years.

“I finally got a handle on it and took medication – until six years later, and it came back,” she says.Then I had to take radioactive iodine.”

Now, she has learned to live with her life. Ford takes good care of herself, follow a strict diet and exercises to keep herself healthy. Now she is 50s and still performing as best as she can. She has appeared in numerous movies and is fighting back 


“If I’m going to have dessert, I make sure I’ve had a good meal full of protein, vegetables and all those healthy things — with plenty of water to dilute all that sugar that’s going into my system — before I’ve had that dessert. Then I don’t feel guilty. If I have a few too many calories that day, I make sure to increase my cardio the next day. That’s how I live my life.”