Facts You Might Not Know About Drew Scott's then Girlfriend and now fiance Linda Phan

March 15, 2018
First Published On: March 15, 2018

The fiancé of Property Brothers co-host Drew Scott, Linda Phan is best known for being long-term girlfriend and fiancé of Drew. With the planning of wedding destination for the spring of 2018, they are all set to get married and start the new phase of life. Check out five facts you need to know about Linda Phan.


Well after the couple got engaged in December 2016, people started paying more attention towards Linda, who successfully stole the heart of Drew and we must admit that they are indeed adorable. So without any delay, let’s get into the topic, which deals with facts about Drew Scott’s girlfriend, Linda Phan.

5. Linda Phan is Creative Director of “Scott Brothers Entertainment

Linda doesn’t just work with Drew and Jonathan; she is also creative director. As per Scott Brothers website, Drew and Jonathan were actors before moving into real estate. They founded their own production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment- one of the major arm of the Scott Brothers lifestyle brand.

CAPTION: Linda Phan is Creative Director of “Scott Brothers Ent SOURCE: People

And Linda is the Creative Director of the Scott Brothers Entertainment. The company’s developing as well growth across the platform is the responsibility of Linda. She has to manage projects, digital content, marketing campaign, and products and merchandise.

4. Linda Phan and Drew Scott- Open about their bond

Well after knowing the facts you might get surprised that Linda and Drew have been in a relationship for seven years. Both of them kept their dating relationship secret until they got engaged in December 2016. They were in a romantic relationship since 2010 and are still going strong.

CAPTION: Linda Phan and Drew Scott- Open about their bond SOURCE: Daily Mail

And over the past couple of years, they posted many photos of each other on the social media. In an interview, Drew said that he and Linda are both workaholics. They love what actually they do and even can work side by side. Scott also said, whenever he goes on business trips, he finds funny notes which makes him smile every time.

3. Linda Phan and Drew Scott- Rumors to had a child

After it’s been a number of years, they have been together. There were rumors regarding Linda and Drew’s child. The rumors took the surface when Linda posted a photo where she and Drew were hugging a child. However, Linda addressed the rumor and revealed that the child in the picture was her nephew.

CAPTION: Linda Phan and Drew Scott- Rumors to had a child SOURCE: Heavy.com

2. The height difference between Linda Phan and Drew Scott

Well, there is over a one-foot height difference between Linda and Drew. Drew stands at 6’4 whereas Linda stands at 5’2. Not only the height difference, the couple also has an age difference. Drew is seven years older than Linda.

CAPTION: The height difference between Linda Phan and Drew Scott SOURCE: USA Today

1. Linda Phan and Drew Scott’s planning for marriage

Phan and Scott are planning their wedding in Europe in May 2018. The ceremony will incorporate an element of their respective Chines and Scottish heritage. They even expressed their desire to have children. In 2017, the couple moved to Los Angeles, California, and the said about their plan to raise their future children in the house.