Fact about Mark Rylance Daughter, Nataasha Van Kampen

Being a celebrity child is quite tough as you will be judged for your every action and effort. Likewise, making your name rememberable after your death is quite a big thing, which Nataasha Van Kampen proved with her amazing filmmaking skills before her death at the young age of 28.

The star kid Nataasha was more popular as the stepdaughter of an English actor, Mark Rylance. Do you know the actual cause of her death? Her short but effective film career? Let's take a look at her much-talkative journey and untimely demise.

Nataasha Van Kampen Family and Early Life

Nataasha Van Kampen was born on February 25 1984 in London, United Kingdom. If she had been alive, she would be in her late thirties.

The late English personality Nataasha was born to her mother, Claire Van Kampen, an English director, composer, and playwright. Her father, Christopher Van Kampen, was an architect. Unfortunately, Nataasha's parents were separated during her childhood.

After the separation of Nataasha's parents, she was raised by her mother and stepfather, Mark Rylance, a legendary English actor, playwright, and theatre director. Similarly, her half-sister, Juliet Rylance is an English actress cum producer.

Nataasha was inspired by her parent's showbiz career, and she took no time to start her showbiz career. However, her educational qualifications are missing. She might have studied films. According to different online sources, this late Starkid started her showbiz journey at 16.

Personal Life and Career

Mark Rylance's stepdaughter Nataasha Van Kampen didn't seem to get involved with someone romantically. The filmmaker never spoke about her personal life in the media. Van Kampen was not seen enjoying anyone's company as her partner or boyfriend.

Also, there was no information or rumor about Nataasha Kampen's love life till her death. Apart from this, the late English personality seemed to be close to her family members.

Starting Kampen's showbiz journey at a young age, the talented filmmaker has 3 credits as a production designer, 1 as a director, 1 as a writer, and 1 as a producer. She was much appreciated for her work in the 2009 short film Nocturne. Besides, she worked as the assistant director in the 2014 film Days and Nights.

Untimely Demise of Nataasha Van Kampen

Kampen died at the age of 28 on July 1, 2012, in London, United Kingdom. As per the reports, the filmmaker died while on a flight from New York to Heathrow in 2012. Initially, the reason for her death seemed to be a natural death; however, the post-mortem report proved her death from a brain hemorrhage.

After some time, Mark Rylance talked about his stepdaughter's death in the media. The actor told how Van Kampen's untimely demise left him with his stone heart. He poured his grief into the media, and there was a huge buzz leaving her death as much talkative topic of that time.


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