F. Murray Abraham and his wife, Kate Hannan are still very much in love, even after 54 years of married life.

F. Murray married Kate Hanna in 1962. That’s 54 years of being together. With utmost support and love for each other, they have lasted for half a century while for some, their marriage don’t even last a weekend. They have two children together.

While most people celebs have found their spouse while pursuing their career, Murray got into acting only in the ‘70s. His wife was always supporting him and motivating and encouraging him to pursue his dream.

From the available sources, it can even be inferred that Murray was not in a committed relation to anyone prior to Kate. Well, he may have some high school girlfriend but that is normal. The fact that they have stayed together for such a long time is the proof that there is still meaning to word such as love and devotion.

They often appear in various award shows and red carpet. Their relationship is an inspiration for many people and it is what they now call ‘relationship goals’. Just seeing at them age together gives people hope that they too will find someone they can call soul mate. He has even credited his wife as the sole reason for his success in one of his interview

Murray has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. His most remarkable performance is from Scarface (1983), The Name of the Rose (1986), The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), etc. His TV appearance includes Homeland where he portrayed the role of Dar Adal which is still running.

The letter F in his name is to honor his father whose first name was Frederick.

Being a professional at what he does, he has won many awards for his remarkable performance and contribution. In 1985, Murray was awarded in Oscar for the best leading actor for the movie Amadeus. He has also won golden globe for the best actor in the same movie. At that time he was already 45. For the role of Antonio Salieri in this movie, he learned to play piano. For this, he has also received other awards and nominations. For his contribution to the theatre, Murray won The Sir John Gielgud Award in 2010.

Murray has shown time and again that age is not a factor for being a good actor. His villainous roles are also very praised by the fans and one many argue that he might be the best bad guy around.

According to him, in this teens Murray was involved in various gangs. While attending the University of El Paso, his talent for acting was recognized and he went towards that direction instead. This delinquent turned actor is now one of the most recognized one. He is an inspiration to the young upcoming artist and also a living example of a person who has succeed in his job as well as in life. 

His net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.