Explore the Love Triangle between good friend Nancy Wu, Ruco Chan, and Phoebe Sin

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2017Updated on   04 Jul, 2018

Nancy Wu is a Hong Kong actress who has a long contract with TVB. The 35 years old girl has successfully flourished her career as an actress. Along with her acting skills, Nancy is coming in the headlines of the news for her affairs.

Nancy is linked to Ruco Chan very often. Ruco is also a Hong Kong singer and actor. He started his career when he was 17 years old. One of the reputed actor and singers has had many controversies related to his love life. We are hearing about Ruco and Phoebe Sin recently.

Ruco Chan rumored to be dating Nancy Wu in 2016 and Phoebe currently

It is known that Ruco and Nancy were dating in 2016. The lovebirds made headlines most of the times. The couple spends so much of time together and spotted giving gifts at various events and occasions.

Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu in TVB Awards


Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan


It was also reported that Ruco purposed Nancy after three months of dating. Ruco gifted Nancy custom ring and doll as a token of love. Rumors flew that Ruco, who was already 40 and pressurized by his parents to settle down quickly. Nancy spotted wearing the ring that Ruco gave. They were both awarded biggest winners at StarHub TVB Awards in October 2016.

Recently, fans are being so confused about Ruco’s and Nancy’s relationship. There exist a very complicating love triangle between Ruco, Nancy, and Phoebe. Ruco is continuously seen with the Miss Hong Kong contestant Phoebe Sin. The two were found eating lunch in a car. The couple has denied their dating rumors.

Ruco says that he and Phoebe are good friends and hang on often. He also said that he wanted to take Phoebe out on a lunch but they did not have time to go to the restaurant so they ate on a car.

People say that Ruco cheated on Nancy but Ruco said that he never had a relationship with Nancy. They are onscreen partners and very good friends. He also said that he has his own personal life and media needs to give him space.

Ruco denied the relationship rumors with Phoebe but there’s more with the couple than just a lunch. The couple was spotted in a mall shopping household items like curtains, furniture, and shelves. They know each other for about three months and they are getting cozy nowadays.

Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin having lunch in car


Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin


Moving to Nancy Wu, she just laughed after hearing the rumors of Phoebe and Ruco. We are confused with her reaction. We can’t identify what was she laughing at. When she was asked about the matter she said everybody needs space and has right to live the way they want.

Nancy was asked if she was jealous, she said why would she be jealous. The most important thing for people is to be happy. Well, it’s very hard to know what going on with these three.