Explore Jane Greer's Romantic Past: A List Of Her Love Interests

Jane Greer was a famous actress who starred in movies like "Out of the Past" and "Sinbad, the Sailor." She was well-known for her captivating performances and stunning beauty. 

Sadly, Greer passed away on August 24, 2001. Throughout her life, she was married twice. Her first spouse was Edward Lasker, and later she married Rudy Vallee. 

Relationship Status At The Time Of  Death

At the time of her death, Jane Greer was not in a relationship. She was survived by her twin brother, Don, and her three sons and two grandchildren. 


Jane Greer in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

Greer passed away on August 24, 2001, at 76. Her death was attributed to complications from cancer. Despite her departure, the actress's memory lives on.

Past Marriages

Edward Lasker

Jane Greer's second husband was Edward Lasker, an attorney, and producer. They were married for nearly two decades, tying the knot on August 20, 1947. 

However, their marriage came to an end when Jane and Edward divorced on November 16, 1963. Despite their long union, not much is known about the intricacies of their married life. 

Rudy Vallee

Greer's first husband was Rudy Vallee, a notable singer and saxophonist. Their marriage, however, was brief. They exchanged vows on December 2, 1943, in Hollywood. 


Jane Greer and her first husband, Rudy Vallee SOURCE: Pinterest

Unfortunately, Hane and Rudy's union hit rocky ground soon after. It led to their separation just three months later. Ultimately, the two officially divorced on July 27, 1944. 

How Did The Actress And Her First Husband Meet?

Jane and Rudy crossed paths in a rather unconventional manner - they met on the radio. During an era when these programs were a popular form of entertainment. The two married just a few weeks later.

It was through this medium that Greer and Vallee's paths intertwined. While not much is known about the specifics of their initial encounter.

Did Hughes Ruined Jane's First Marriage?

Jane's marriage to Rudy was not without its challenges. This was particularly due to the interference of Howard Hughes. Hughes, a powerful figure in Hollywood, became infatuated with her and was determined to possess her. 

Despite his relentless pursuit and the presence of his spies, Greer managed to break free from Hughes's control long enough to marry Rudy Vallee. However, his wrath was swift and severe. 


Jane Greer's ex-partner, Howard Hughes SOURCE: Pinterest

Howard warned the actress that unless she divorced Vallee, he would sever ties with her completely. Undeterred by his threats, she took decisive action.

Jane successfully negotiated her way out of her contract with him and joined RKO instead. Despite this, his relentless pressure continued to weigh heavily on her career, straining her marriage to Rudy.

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The Obsessed Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes's obsession with Jane Greer is one of the popular Hollywood stories. His first introduction to the late actress happened in 1943, as mentioned in an article from The Guardian

Howard came across a recruitment poster featuring the 18-year-old actress in a WAC uniform. Immediately captivated by her beauty and talent, he instructed one of his associates to locate and sign her up as soon as possible. 

What followed was a period of intense control as Hughes effectively kept Greer under a form of house arrest for five months. Despite the constraints, he initially presented himself as offering her a remarkable career opportunity. 

Following her divorce from Rudy Vallee, Greer entered into a romantic relationship with Hughes, moving in with him as his lover. Even after she married Edward Lasker, his infatuation with her persisted, showing the depth of his obsession with the actress.

Greer's Relationship History

Jane's relationship history is a varied tapestry, showcasing the complexities of love and companionship throughout her life. In 1947, shortly after her divorce from Vallee, she briefly dated actor Don 'Red' Barry. 

However, her most enduring relationship began in 1963 when she met Frank London. She shared a deep and lasting bond until her passing in 2001. 

Greer's life also intersected with Paul Brooks. Although the details of their connection remain less known. Despite the ups and downs of romance, the actress's legacy is not solely defined by her relationships.


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