iPhone Storage Problem? Upgrage your phone with iXpand memory case

April 18, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Apple, the smartphone company began building iPhones in 2004 which became triumph in the world. IPhone with newly made IOS became hit as the built quality and features included were premium. Recently, Apple launched iPhone 6, 6s, 6s+ and iPhone SE which is currently available in US and UK.

Although the company made major changes in building new models and update IOS regularly, still they are less focused on storage. Yes, they provide different variation where people can choose the device storage according to the use, but that costs you more than you think. When major alternative phones [Android Smartphones] started building better storage for phone, Apple is still riding 16 GB horse. The phone with little storage is not quite flexible for heavy users. But, now you can upgrade your phone with more storage.

Wow! IPhone with no expandable storage could be also expanded. SanDisk new memory case named iXpand lets you increase the memory of your phone so that you could increase the capacity of saving photos, videos, and other stuff. iXpand is a case specially made for iPhones that convey more storage for you. Available in different storage capacity like of iPhone storage and add-on of battery backup; the design looks as much as like mobile protection case. Thus, it is named iXpand Memory Case.

What are the features of iXpand Memory Case for iPhone?

  • Memory Comes First

iXpand Memory Case primarily focuses on storage. This case comes with the storage of three variants; 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. Go on, now take more selfies, and watch the movies you want. This case comes on 4 colour variant; now you can choose among them.

  • Protection for your Phone

Additional memory is awesome, but what if you get extra protection for your phone along with memory. As named as case, this case includes similar features like of ordinary case. There is hard plastic cover outside and soft rubber finish inside the case. The hard cover protects your phone from getting the scratch and dismantled and the soft finish inside does not scratch your phone edges.

  • Automatic Storage Switch

This memory case allows you to switch memory automatically when the storage is full. When you are capturing moments, you might see ‘Storage Full’ notice when you have no memory left for the file. But now, with this memory case, your moments will be expanded. The app of this memory case allows switching memory automatically.

  • Additional Security System

This memory case comes with ‘Secure Access’ software by SanDisk that assures to protect your files and access authorization. Also, this system helps to protect while transferring files from the App to your PC or MAC.

  • Additional Battery Backup

Actually, this feature doesn’t come along with the memory case. Lugging additional power bank or battery bank would not be beneficiary if you are travelling a long journey. So what, you can add on this battery backup case along with your memory case. The capacity is 1900mAh only, so do not think it will last more than a day, but surely can boost the battery life of your phone more than a day.

How to Access the Memory Case?

The iXpand Memory case comes with an application that allows you to access, switch storage and manage your photo, videos stored. You will get quick access to photos, videos, music, movies, documents, and other files you have.

This app is smart. It allocates all your files and categorizes them into different labels, as per the file type. So, if you need to access photos, you can simply choose photos label and find your required one.

What are iXpand Memory Case and App requirements?

For iXpand Memory Case and App to work, there are some requirements.

  • Your iPhone must be above version 6; iPhone 6, 6s and 6s+ are supported.
  • IOS version must be 8.2.0 or above.

Limitations of Memory Case

·        Only supports high-end iPhones.

·        Consumes lot of battery life as the working procedure of this case is similar to OTG.

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