Ex-WCVB anchor Heather Unruh and her husband Nick Little lives in Dover with 2 teenage children

HitBerryPublished on   21 Oct, 2016Updated on   13 Jul, 2019

An Emmy award winner, Heather Unruh; she is an Ex-WCVB anchor and been working there for 15 whole years. During Heather’s final moment at WCVB, she had tears all over her eyes and she thanked everyone at the station.

At present, she lives in Dover, Delaware; with her husband William Nicholas Jr Little and their children Will and Kyla.

Heather Unruh and her Husband Nick Little

Heather Unruh and Nick little had known each other pretty well before they decided to take their relationship to a whole new level and make it official. Currently, they reside in Dover and been living a blissful life.

To let you guys know, there aren’t any signs of divorce or any sort of relationship issues so far. So, I am pretty sure that they are gonna make their marriage last till the end.

Heather Unruh Heather Unruh   Source: wcvb

William Nicholas Jr Little and Heather Unruh William Nicholas Jr Little and Heather Unruh    Source: Facebook

Heather Unruh and William Nicholas Jr Littles’ Children

Together, they have a son named Will Little and a daughter named Kyla Little (16 years old).

According to sources, they are both teenagers and been living an awesome life in Dover with their parents. At current, Kyla is a junior at Dover Sherborn High School in Massachusetts and she dreams about studying medical in her future.

Kyla Little and Heather Unruh in Paris Kyla Little and Heather Unruh in Paris    Source: Facebook

Will LIttle and Kyla Little Will LIttle and Kyla Little   Source: Facebook

Heather Unruh

Heather Unruh is an Emmy award-winning actor and a world-class personality in the field of Journalism. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri; but was raised in Stockton, California, United States of America. Unruh completed her high school from Lincoln High School and went to New Castle to pursue her higher education at DePauw University; and during the course, she worked as an intern at Boston’s News Center.

Will LIttle Heather Unruh    Source: Facebook

Before any of her stuff started, she worked for channel named ‘KFOR-TV’ in Oklahoma City as a medical reporter and an anchor. Furthermore, there are tons of places she has worked at and some of them are: ‘WMGC-TV’, ‘WBNG-TV’, ‘WVEU-TV’ and more. And nonetheless, she worked as a news anchor at WCVB Channel 5 and was paired with ABC’s reporter ‘Timothy Johnson’.

Heather Unruh Heather Unruh    Source: i.ytimg

Her work has gotten her a lot of regards and a lot of honors like: ‘Emmy Award’, ‘Clarion award of women in Communications, inc’ and ‘Grand Gracie Award of American Women in Radio and Television’. What's more, in 2013, she helped to establish a non-benefit association called 'SWEAR (Stand With Everyone Against Rape). The prime objective of this association is to extend education and awareness in regards to rape.