Everything You Need to Know about Trisha Yearwood

An American country singer, Trisha Yearwood rose to fame after her debut single She's in Love with the Boys became the No. 1 single. Besides being a singer, she is also an author, actress, chef, and hosts Food Network.

Trisha is famous as the classiest women in the world of music. She is also a self-professed chick singer who cooks. Today let's know about Trisha Yearwood's interesting five facts given below:

Five Facts You Need To Know About Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood was born on 19th September 1964 in Monticello, U.S. She is the daughter of a schoolteacher, Gwendolyn Yearwood (mother) and Jack Howard Yearwood (father) a local banker. After completing her graduation, she moved to Nashville to become an agent for a musician.

Trisha Yearwood- Failed to be an agent for Musician

After completing graduation, she moved Nashville to be an agent for a musician. Yearwood later found that she had no any luck and decided to try her luck at singing. After struggling and facing drop out, she finally gained an internship with MTM Records and was hired as a full-time employee.

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Trisha Yearwood- Released her self-titled debut album in 1991

Trisha released her self-titled debut album in the year 1991 under MCA Nashville. She titled "She's in Love with the boy" which peaked at Number 1 in late 1991 on the Billboard Country Chart.

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After her self-released album, she released three other singles which reached the top ten on the country chart. She became the first female artist to sell a million copies of her album.

Trisha Yearwood- Critically acclaimed

When Trisha released her second studio album Heart in Armor, she was critically acclaimed. As the song came from her emotional conflicts, she then was followed by divorce from her husband, Chris Latham.

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However, her second album was a departure from her previous album as the song contained some collaborations with other music artist and contained almost all ballads.

Trisha Yearwood- Chef

Besides being a singer and actress, she is also a chef. She is a self-professed chick singer who cooks. She has released three successful cookbooks and earned the status of New York Times Best Selling Author.

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Trisha also has been hosting a culinary series, Trisha's Southern Kitchen on Food Network since 2012 and for that, she has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Program.

Trisha Yearwood- Her mother was a major inspiration for her

In the year 2011, Trisha announced that her mother was role model when she decided to try her luck in the cooking. Although her mother died at the age of 73 after battling with cancer, Trisha still thinks that her mother is still side by her.