Everything you need to know about David Moscow's married life with girlfriend turned wife Karen Riotoc

American actor David Moscow, married his fiancée Karen Riotoc last year on 6th September. The wedding took place at the Claremont Hotel in Maine. The ceremony came out as a huge surprise to his family, friends and fans. No one could have guessed that Moscow was getting married. His colleagues claim that they did not even know that David was dating someone.

The 40 year old star, who is best known for his role in the movie Big (released in 1988) as the young John Baskin, had kept his relationship status relatively quiet since breaking up with actress Kerry Washington in 2007. Kerry Washington’s devotion to her ex boyfriend Moscow was well known to everyone.

Moscow had been dating Washington for four years. They had even decided to get married at some point. Unfortunately, David called off the wedding due to some personal reasons. The pair got separated after this incident, to which Washington told the New York Post, “Turning 30 was a time when I thought, 'Wait a second. How much of my life really reflects who I am and who I want to be?' I've learned more about myself since leaving that relationship"

 After breaking up with Kerry Washington, Moscow did not date another woman. He seemed to be tired of relationships and breakups and his family and close friends were really worried about his love life. But then, his wedding announcement took everyone by surprise. Most people admit that they have heard little to nothing about his new wife Karen Riotoc. However, it was a welcome news for all his well wishers.

Unlike David Moscow, Karen Riotoc is not a celebrity. Currently she works for Radium One, an online advertising company. The company builds automated software related to media buying. The couples have made very few appearances in the public. We hope to see them in each other arms in the near future.

As for David Moscow, he started his career with the movie The Big in 1988. The same year, he starred in two other movies. He has acted in many films since then. Moscow is also a producer. He has produced a bunch of films such as Odessa and The Hell Benders. Currently, Moscow seems to be engaged in the movie Tic Tac Top. We hope that this movie turns out be a grand success.

David Moscow does not seem to be on Twitter yet. He has about 600 followers in the Instagram. As of now, David is often seen spending quality time with his wife. He likes to keep his married life away from the prying eyes of the general public. The newlyweds have made very few appearances in the red carpet.  Still, we hope to see them together in the near future. We wish them a very happy and prosperous married life.