Everything You Need to Know about American Pickers' Frank Fritz

Jessica GomezPublished on   01 Jan, 2018Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

One of the talented personality from America, Frank Fritz is well recognized as a co-host of the History channel's reality show, American Pickers. Fitz and his American Pickers co-host Mike Wolfe grew up alongside one another.

We can found very less information about the reality star but today we are here with some of the interesting facts about the reality star, Frank Fritz. If you are interested to know then here's detail information about Frank Fritz. Just stick with us.

Five Facts you did not know about Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz was born on 11 October 1965 raised in Davenport, Lowa in the United State of America in a middle-class family. Being belonged to white ethnicity, Frank Fritz is an American by nationality.

Frank Fritz- Worked as Fire Inspector

Yes, it's true that this reality star worked as a fire inspector where he covered the areas from Des Moines to Cedar falls in Iowa for almost 25 years. While he worked as a fire inspector, he used to pick firefighter and firehouse- related objects.

[ CAPTION: Frank Fritz ][ SOURCE: odssf.com ]

In the year 2000, he left the job and created his own organization and named Frank Finds and began traveling across the country in order to search the object that he could sell.

Frank Fritz- An Advocate of Good FOOD

The wise-looking Frank declared himself as an advocate of good food. He really enjoys eating whatever counts and edible. When his fans thought that he might get tried some of the "non-edible" stuff as well but dear fans, he wins the whole crowd over with his smile. We also can call him the bearded charmer.

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Frank Fritz- Net worth

The tall chubby guy has an estimated net worth around $4 million dollars and has amassed wealth from his antique business as well as from the money which he gets from the popular series American Picker.

[ CAPTION: Frank Fritz ][ SOURCE: Wikiquicky.com ]

Frank Fritz- Rumors stating GAY

You might get shocked that the star is rumored to be a gay. There are many rumors which stats him as a gay. The rumor took the surface when he was not involved in any type of relationship.

[ CAPTION: Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz ][ SOURCE: dave.uktv.co.uk ]

But the rumors are fake and you don't need to worry, he is not a gay. He is a married man and is living a happy married life with his wife.

Frank Fritz- GirlFriend

Frank's  fans get somehow confused about his sexuality but their assumption went out to be wrong when he confirmed that he is in a relationship with Diane. 

[ CAPTION: Frank Fritz ][ SOURCE: Looper ]

All the matter about Frank's sexuality preference got cleared when he opened up about his romantic affair. However, there's no detail information about Diane and we don't know that why Frank is hiding her identity but we are very thankful to Frank for clearing all the doubts regarding his sexuality and personal life.