Finally, the real name of 'The Tape Face Man' in 'America's got talent 2016' revealed. Here are the photos and video of his unique performance

June 8, 2016
First published on:June 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Every time I watch the new season of AGT, I wonder where these people have been all time! The show is in its 11th season and it seems the talents here are unlimited.

Tape Face with his mime performance in AGT Season 11                                                     Source: nydailynews

In this season’s audition, we witnessed something unusual, something peculiar that we have never seen before. Card tricks, magic, songs, dances, these are all too common. Every year there is this man with a deck of card or a girl with an outstanding voice. This year, however, we got to see something, a new face. Tape face!

 In case you haven’t heard, he is the man who totally wowed the judges and the audiences with his simple yet unique mime show. You know the audition went great when Simon Cowell praises you. He also got a unanimous 'Yes' from the judges. Less talk, check out his performance here:

While the contestants come and introduce themselves, Tape face didn’t utter a word. Even after he was applauded for his performance, he didn’t anything, not even his name.

We have to say, his entry was little weird. A goth-like boy with a bag and a tape on his mouth and not to mention that eye-liner, like a horror movie where this guy is about to gut someone. Then he started his performance. Although it took him some time, what he did was hilarious, unique and very innovative.

He started by pulling out the oven mitts to act out the song Endless Love. Then he pulled out a red dress and continued on his performance as he performed a romantic dance with her while she caressed his neck, he caressed her ass and eventually took out her bra. The abrupt ending was the only complaint I've got right now, however, the show was great.

“By this time tomorrow, no one in America is going to know your name,” said Howard Mandel.

While the people of America and even worldwide may be wondering who the guy is, we have a news for you all.

The name of the man behind the tape is Sam Wills. Also known as ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face’, he is a performer known for his similar act around New Zealand.

Sam began performing in the circus at the age of 13 and created this tape face avatar since 2007. While he has has a pretty big following already and is a successful one-man show that tours around the world, AGT acted as a major stage. Now he is a worldwide sensation.

Some of his other stage performance are also available on YouTube. His acts are simple, yet innovative and damn right funny. Now that he has qualified, do you think he will go all the way?



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