Evelyn Melendez is Divorced with Husband Jordan Knight; lead singer of band New Kids on the Block

HitBerryPublished on   14 Sep, 2016Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight were married for 12 years and have two children from the marriage. Jordan is very well known for dating numerous girls before he married Evelyn. Jordan once being married had affair with Shanna Moakler

Evelyn and Jordan were once separated because of similar reason too. But the real reason behind this divorce is said to be different. 

What's the actual cause of the divorce?   

Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight were married in 2004 and the decision of divorce was definitely harder than we can think. So what could be the possible reason to do this? They already have children from this marriage, Dante Jordan Knight in 1999 and Eric Jacob Knight in 2007.

And this family was happy with each other until Evelyn and Jordan took this life-changing choice.  

According to some reporters, Evelyn and Jordan have separated some years ago. As many fans are wondering why this perfect match decided to go apart, the reason is kind of mystery. However, we can find many explanations.

Evelyn Melendez is just a common person who came into the spotlight due to her marriage with the famous lead singer of band New Kids on the Block. Talking about the main reason for divorce it was the post by a lady on twitter where Jordan is hugging her.

After that post, Jordan immediately blocked many fans to stay away from drama but didn’t block the girl.

The other reason for his poor relation that Jordan himself admits is his bad drinking habit. He realized that his drinking habit was causing trouble and it was also hampering his successful career, which he later quit.


Did Jordan leave Evelyn to marry his fan?

There was also news that Jordan Knight divorced Evelyn Melendez so that he could marry one of his fans.  This could be the other reason why the divorce took place. Jordan might have got involved with another woman which made his loyal wife far.