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Eva Mendes doesn't think marriage is important.

May 6, 2016
First published on:May 6, 2016
by HitBerry

2 fast 2 furious star,  Eva Mandes has been with Ryan Gosling for almost 5 years now. Despite being in a wonderful relationship, it seems Eva Mendes does not think marriage is important.

Well, it is showbiz and we have seen many marriages falling apart faster than Flash running a lap across the globe. Eva Mendes choosing to keep their relation as it is might be one way to keep things going well. Not only does this avoids the feeling for huge responsibility but also keeps the things less complex.


Both of them make a beautiful couple. Both are hot and sexy and have a pretty decent lifestyle with plenty of acting opportunities. Their accumulated net worth goes to whooping $45 million with Ryan’s net worth twice Eva’s, do the math. So their life is pretty stable economically. Eva and Ryan already have a nineteen-month-old daughter and are expecting another one and it seems even now Eva is not considering marriage at all.

According to Naughty gossip, Eva Mendes is “adamant that it’s not important” about marriage stuff. After all, it’s just a contract with I Do’s at the end to seal the binding agreement.

We are not sure what Ryan thinks about it, though. Maybe both of them are together in this decision or Ryan may be finding a hard time to convince the mother of his son to get married to him. After all, he was suspected and rumored to be dating Emma Stone. Similarly, words have got out that they are fighting now and again and hardly spending any time together.

 What do you think? Should they get married? Is Ryan together in this decision?