Ethnobotanist James Wong talks about his book Homegrown Revolution and shares his tips for gardeners everywhere

HitBerryPublished on   04 Jan, 2016Updated on   18 May, 2021

James Wong is one of the most celebrated botanists at the moment. He has his own popular cook show and he has published 3 bestselling books. He is the perfect person to take gardening advice from.  In a recent interaction with our sources, Wong talked about his book Homegrown Revolution. He also shared tips for gardeners from around the world.

The actor claimed that his book is the collection of experience he has gathered throughout his career as a gardener and botanist. He also added that the book is a must read for anyone who is interested in growing their own healthy food. He also stated that Homegrown Revolution is his best publication till date.

“It is the 21st Century foodie's guide to growing incredible edibles, from saffron to sweet potatoes in any back garden”, the actor said regarding his book. He also claimed that his book is good for both absolute beginners and experienced gardeners.

“Gardening is just like raising a child, you have to treat your plants with love and care”, the actor explained his views on gardening. “Nine times out of ten, if you dig a hole in the ground, pop a plant in and keep it well watered for the first few months, you won’t have to do anything else. The rest are just tips and tricks to give you better results, like bigger fruit, more flowers, and stronger growth”, the actor said pointing at the simplicity of gardening.

Wong became a household name when he started presenting the gardening series, ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’ from 2009. He cooked his own homemade herbal remedies through different homegrown plants in the show.

The botanist has a very attractive personality. He has a tall height and an attractive face. He keeps his personal life very private. There is no known information about whether he is married, has a wife or girlfriend, or if he is gay.

Wong has released 4 books up until now. “Grow Your Own Drugs”, the book which he published in 2009 was a bestseller. His latest is the book “Grow for Flavor”.

He started his career as a TV show host in 2008. He first co-presented Fossil Detectives in 2008. In 2009, he presented the series Grow Your Own Drug, which was a huge hit. Since then, Wong has hosted popular cooking and lifestyle shows like Countrylife, Our Food, Great British Garden Revival and Expensive Eats.

The TV show presenter is very active on social media outlets. His Twitter @Botanygeek has over 33k followers. He gives tip on gardening on his Twitter. He also displays his love for food through his social media account. His fans can keep up with his personal life, his recipes and his gardening tips through his website

Wong’s net worth remains undisclosed.