ESPN Reporter Kaylee Hartung opens up about the kind of boyfriend she would want to be dating

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Kaylee Hartung has been voted the 9th Hottest College Sports Sideline reporters in the USA. The website, which has crowned her, has said that Kaylee is a hot Southern girl who combines reporting with sexiness. Kaylee, who is still single after her earlier relationship with her longtime college boyfriend ended a couple of years back, has not ventured out into dating yet but has expressed that she is open too it now.

Kaylee has stated that in order to date a person she needs to find him attractive. The qualities that she looks for in men are “someone who enjoys watching sports and talking about sports”, basically someone who is athletic as well as a sports buff. Secondly, she says she is attracted to men who adorn the classic look – not someone who is dressed in polo’s and khaki’s, but someone who is put together like a gentlemen.

Kaylee’s man needs to be stylish and must have put some thought into the way he carries himself around. She is particularly attracted to men who take pride in their appearance. Those are the qualities Kaylee looks for in a man she would agree to go out on a date with.  She has said she is a southern girl at heart and she like her men stylish and gentlemanly.

When asked about where she would like to be taken out on a date, she said she liked “quite and serene places. It does not have to be restaurant, it can be on a lake or a hill.” Outdoors is fine with her too. She also said she does not like it when it’s too loud. Quiet is what she prefers, someplace where two people can have a real nice conversation without having to shout out what they want to say to each other.

As she resides in her home town of Austin, she has said it is very difficult to find a bad restaurant in Austin. Partially she expressed that she would like to date someone from her state in Texas itself.

Kaylee began her career at the Longhorn Network at her hometown of Austin, Texas. She was also an online reporter for where she had a daily program called Washington Unplugged. At the early stages of her career she started as a political reporter. She then moved to Sports reporting as she said that’s where her passion lay. She is currently working for ESPN network as a Sports anchor.

Kaylee is just 29 years of age and has already established herself as a prominent Sports anchor for the ESPN network. Kaylee is also very active on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter alone, she has over 63K followers and can be followed under the username @KayleeHartung. On Instagram she has over 20K followers and she regularly post new feeds online and can be followed under the username, kayleehartung. 


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