Erin Andrews Net worth Should Be More Than $75 million By Now After Peephole Case. What's Gonna Happen?

Erin Andrews, the sportscaster is in the spotlight these days.She proved that no one will be forgiven when it comes to the case of  privacy. The Marriot hotel representatives and Micheal David Barret man behind this miserable act was held 49% and 51% responsible each where Micheal had to pay $28 million.This peephole case was filed in 2008 for splashing Erin nude video of changing her clothes in the hotel room by Micheal David Barret.

This is how Micheal David Barret reveals about capturing the video. Barrett first asked Andrews' room number by calling the operator from hotel phone asking to connect. As the call was put through, Micheal Barrett noted the room number that appeared on the phone so that he could book the room next to her. As he booked room next door, he modified the peephole with a hacksaw adjusting  for him to see inside. Micheal Barret then heard of Erin going to shower and filmed her naked through the door with his cell phone.


Erin Andrews break down in tears while confessing ESPN forced her to stalkers on TV.

Micheal David Barret explains the reason for choosing Erin Andrew was because she is popular and trending on Yahoo. The video was posted after TMZ the celebrity website refused to buy the footage. 

Barrett spent more than two and a half years in federal prison after he admitted to renting hotel rooms next to the Andrews three times and shooting videos of her in Nashville and Columbus, Ohio. 

Barrett, being and extensive traveller in his former job, also diclosed the fact that he had taken several similar videos of about 10 other women and posted the footage online.

Micheal David Barret who executed this evil crime was even jailed for more than 20 months. Erin Andrews claimed for $75 million as the charge over this incident. A Tennessee judge dismissed it declaring it was not responsible for security at franchisee in the case of Nashville Marriott.

The jury has awarded $55 million which over $28 million divided to Micheal David Barret. Even though Erin didn't get all the compensation she claimed she got a chunk of money.

The defense lawyer said Erin Andrew has been knowingly or unknowingly benefited by the exposure of her nude video. This year her net worth has been expected to be more than ten times than previous years as per the compensation she will be getting. 

If Erin gets the money she has been rewarded it will be enough for her. The question now is what will an appellate court decide next, will the award knock down, if yes then by how much.

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Erin Andrews Career

Early life and family

Erin Andrews was born on May 4, 1978, to Paula Andrews and Steven Andrews, in Lewiston, Maine. Erin mother was a teacher whereas father was a six-time Emmy Award Winner and worked for NBA as an investigative reporter affiliated with WFLA-TV.

Erin Andrews always loved sports and revolved around it. She praised the female sportscasters like Hannah Storm, Mellisa Stark and so on which ultimately inspired her to be female sportscaster herself.

Attending Bloomingdale High School in Florida, Erin Andrews became a member of the dance team, school government and National Honor Society.

After the graduation from high school, Andrews attended the University of Florida and graduated with bachelor's degree in Telecommunications (BA).

Erin Andrews has a younger sister Kendra Andrews. Kendra is a professional dancer and actress.


Erin Andrews hosting for Fox Sports

Erin Andrews first started her career as a freelance reporter in Fox Sports Florida in 2000. She then served as a Tampa Bay Lightning reporter for the Sunshine Network from 2001 to 2002. Then for another 2 years, Erin covered the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta Hawks for the Tuner South network as a studio host and reporter.

Erin Andrews then began her work in ESPN in 2004, as a reporter for ESPN National Hockey Night. She has been serving as a sideline reporter in various ESPN Football and Baseball league since then.

In 2010, she appeared on the tenth season of ABC's 'Dancing with the stars', partner with Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Erin Andrews finally decided to leave ESPN to join Fox Sports on June 29, 2012. When the Fox Sports 1 launched on August 17, 2013, Erin took on numerous exciting challenges to come up to this stage.

The co-host Erin Andrews on the set of Dancing with the Stars.

Facing many criticisms Erin Andrews she still moved ahead, on February 23, 2014, she became the co-host of Dancing with the Stars starting with its 18th season.


Erin Andrews Salary and Net worth

Erin Andrews posing for the endorsement deal for Reebok.

Erin Andrews net worth is $58 million and her salary is $800,000. After the peephole case, Erin net worth took a significant leap as her previous net worth was $3.5 million. After she won the t lawsuit against West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital, the two companies that are in charge of the Nashville Marriott, Erin Andrews net worth increased massively.

 Erin Andrews, a female sportscaster career started as a sideline reporter on ESPN covering various NHL, college football and basketball, NFL and Major Baseball Leagues. Now she is working for Fox Sports.

Besides her career, Erin Andrews become the spokesperson for the Kraft Foods Huddle and raised about $2 million for feeding America which was a Fight to Hunger campaign in 2010.

In October 2011, Erin Andrews with Stubhub launched a new campaign called Girls Night out, which encouraged women to celebrate and be proud of the sports they love.

Erin Andrews even co-hosted the May 2013, Music Builds: CMT Disaster Relief Concert to donate for the American Red Cross for the tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Erin Andrew and her boyfriend Jarret Stoll - together since December 2012.