Erika Eleniak's Heartthrobs: A Revealing Peek into Her Past Relationships

Erika Eleniak is an actress best known for playing Shauni McClain in the TV show "Baywatch." Apart from acting, she is also known for previously working as a model for Playboy magazine.

Eleniak is living alone right now, Previously, she was married to Philip Goglia but later they went separate ways and now she is living her life alone. Let's take a look at her past relationships.

Married History Of The Baywatch Actress

Eleniak and Philip Goglia used to be married. They exchanged their vows on May 22, 1998. The former couple got married at the fancy Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Ray. The couple went on vacation to Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii where they probably celebrated the start of their life together.


Erika Eleniak in Baywatch SOURCE: Erika Eleniak Instagram @officialerikaeleniak

But, even though it started well, the marriage ended after just six months. Unfortunately, not much information has been shared about why Erika and Goglia broke up.

Single For More Than A Decade

Erika Eleniak has been alone for over a decade. She recently talked about her feelings of being lonely after 13 years of living as an independent woman on her social media. Even though she decided to be alone for a significant chunk of her life, she now reflects on the distinction between solitude and loneliness.

Erika has admitted that she's been feeling alone lately, as reported in the Daily Star. For her, it's a new and strange feeling. She notices people changing as time and life evolves. This makes her confront the feelings of loneliness.

Previously Engaged To Billy Warlock

Erika Eleniak used to be engaged to Billy Warlock. Their connection happened in 1993. This was a time when they showed dedication and excitement for what was coming up next. But life is full of surprises, as the couple later decided to split up and ended their engagement in 1994.


Erika Eleniak and her ex-fiancé, Billy Warlock SOURCE: Pinterest

Eleniak and Warlock shared not just a romantic history but also a professional one. They had worked together on the iconic television series "Baywatch," as per The New York Post. That's where these two had fallen in love. In the show, he portrayed the character Eddie Kramer, while she played the role of Shauni McClain. 

Past Relationships

Roch Daigle

Erika was romantically involved with Roch Daigle at one point in her life. Their relationship unfolded during a period when the actress decided to move to Calgary. It was drawn by her deep affection for the majestic mountains that surround the city. 

This significant move coincided with Eleniak's professional endeavors, particularly while working on the film "White Lies." It was filmed in both Whitehorse and the Calgary area. During this time, she crossed paths with Roch Daigle, who worked as a key grip on the movie set. 

Eleniak and Daigle went their separate ways in 2007, marking the end of their romantic involvement. Life's journey is marked by various relationships and experiences, each contributing to the unique tapestry of one's personal history.

William McNamara

Erika Eleniak and William shared a romantic connection that spanned two years. They dated from 1992 to the year Dannii Minogue divorced Julian McMahon, i.e., in 1995. Their relationship extended beyond the personal sphere as they collaborated professionally in the 1994 film "Chasers." 

In the movie, Eleniak took on the role of Toni Johnson. Meanwhile, McNamara portrayed Eddie Devane. The shared experience of working together on set likely added a unique dimension to their relationship, intertwining their personal and professional lives. 

Scott Baio

Erika Eleniak and Scott Baio used to be a thing. They reportedly started dating in the early 1990s after first meeting at a celebrity event. Their connection began with an instant attraction, drawing them into a brief but notable romance. 

However, like many relationships, theirs was relatively short-lived. Erika and Scott eventually went their separate ways. Despite the brevity of their time together, the memory of their brief romance remains a part of the stories they carry from that era. 


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