Erik Spoelstra is getting married! Engaged to girlfriend, Nikki Sapp, felicitations on Twitter

HitBerryPublished on   15 Sep, 2016Updated on   25 May, 2021

Erik Spoelstra, who is arguably one of the best basketball coaches in the world, has recently announced that he will be getting married soon.  His fiancé is his team’s head cheerleader Nikki Sapp.

Erik, who was already being questioned time and again by the media, fans and family alike as to whether he ever plans to getting married, has announced his plans of getting married via Twitter.

Erik, who had already long passed the normal age of matrimony, was beginning to show signs of a bachelor life. But it looks like he had other plans in store for us.  Erik and Nikki had been dating for over two and a half year before they announced their engagement.

Rumors on Erik Spoelstra

Some sources claim that they had been dating for quite a while and had kept their relationship a covert affair until now. Some have estimated that Erik actually began dating Nikki as far back as the year 2008.

Erik and Nikki first opened up about their relationship some two years back and around two weeks back in the Izzy and Ethan show on 790 The Ticket, he confessed that he was engaged to Nikki and the ceremony took place in the summer. He further said that it was an extremely private affair and only family and close friends were invited.

This is the first time Erik announced something personal to him publicly as he is known to keep his personal life completely away from the public eye.

Ever since he announced he was seeing Nikki, the question about the age difference between the two has been arisen many times. Nikki, who is just twenty four years old and is twenty years the younger to her fiancée, has said age has never been a problem between them.

As for Erik he says “she being young reminds him of how alive he is and how fortunate he has been over the years”.Erik has said he has always found the ideal wife in Nikki and they have made plans to marry in the spring of 2016.

Erik's professional career

Erik, in his professional career, has achieved maximum accolades and has accomplished such feats that there are only a few other people who can claim the same. His nationality is American and time and again has mentioned he is a patriot by heart.

Erik, at just forty-five, is considered by many to be one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. He also previously held the longest unbeaten winning streak as a coach in NBA history when he went 18 games undefeated.

Erik is one of the highest paid coaches in all sports in America. Sources claim that he makes up to $3 million a year in salary, but some have stated other numbers.

Unlike his better half Nikki, Erik isn’t into social networking and it is difficult to register if he holds a Twitter handle or an Instagram profile, whereas, Nikki is very popular on the social media.