Erik Kuselias's wife, Holly to cover NFL for Fox after Kuselias couldn't get a show for the two of them

July 11, 2017
First published on:March 25, 2016
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Erik Kuselia is a radio and television host who is the current co- host of Pro Football Talk on the NBC Sports Network. Her wife Holly Sonders is one of the most popular faces in the field of golf.

Kuselias has always been in the headlines for every action he takes. After the news of his wife covering NFL, it added more spices in his life. So, check it out:

Holly to cover NFL for Fox

The former ESPN TV host, Erik Kuselias has lost his TV job at NBC Sports. The reason behind losing his job is said to be his overconfidence on his position in sports media. Moreover, it has been said that NBC Sports Network took him off their hands soon after he started dating Holly Sonders, who had previously been on the Golf Channel.

It has been reported in The Big Lead that the host tried to sell himself in a package deal with his wife Holly Sonders to Fox Sports when Fox expressed interest in Sonders on its golf coverage.

Kuselias, who was once referred to as “the biggest douche bag” by ESPN just tried to jump into the opportunity but failed.

His proposal to orchestrate a package deal was denied when Fox told him,

Sorry, not interested”.

Soon after, Kuselias is reported to have gone to NBC looking for the duo to get new deals. But instead of getting new deals, Kuselias was told that they wouldn't appear on TV anymore for the remainder of the year. Moreover, NBC told their contracts would be paid out. His attempt for new deals for the pair costs his job.

Kuselias made a terrible mistake. Does he lack self-awareness?

An NBC Sports spokesman told The Big Lead,

“We wish Erik well in his future television endeavors”.

Although Erik could not get the show for the two of them in a ‘package,' his wife, Holly, a former Michigan State golfer, at the age of 26 headed to cover NFL for Fox Sports as reported by Golf Digest.

At the Fox Sports, Holly Sonders contributed as the sideline reporter at NFL games as well as anchoring the network’s coverage of the U.S. Open and other USGA events.

The Fox sports personality, Holly Sonders, was reassigned to a sideline reporter after the U.S. Open disaster. She had an embarrassing turn interviewing players after their U.S. Open rounds.

Before joining Fox Sports, Holly was the Golf Channel host in the NBC-owned network. Sonders has also worked as a sideline reporter on the Big Ten Network and as a news reporter for KATV- TV in Little Rock, Ark.

Speaking about Erik and Holly's personal life, according to the sources at NBC, they got married in the year 2013.C. They do not have children yet. It is being said that their marriage only lasted a year. It is rumored that Erik cheated on his wife which led to their divorce. There are rumors that Eris has been fighting against cancer.

Currently, Eric is the co-host of Pro Football Talk on the NBC Sports Network and host on NBC Sports Radio. Television and radio journalist Eric Kuselias earns a high amount of salary from hosting and has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million.

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