Erich Bergen talks about what he wants in a girlfriend while dating and his ideal relationship

HitBerryPublished on   06 Oct, 2015Updated on   06 Oct, 2015

Erich Berger is well known for his outstanding abilities as an actor. He was also pivotal to the critically acclaimed movie “Jersey Boys”.

Erich was recently crowned the most eligible bachelor in New York City by the Gotham Magazine. The prestigious acclaim is very special to Erich, him being a native of the city. Over the years, various people who have come and made New York their home, were awarded this prestigious award. But an indigenous hadn’t won that title for a few years now.

Erich, in an interview with Gotham magazine, has shared his views on relationships. Regarding sacrifices made for the sake of a relationship, he said “Most people make sacrifices and end up degrading themselves. They also end up making sacrifices for things they need, when they should be doing so for the things they want”.

He also said that he has had a firsthand experience when it comes to situations and relationships where sacrifices have led to happiness, when undoubtedly one is supposed to be unhappy, having just let go of the thing that held some sort of value for them. No matter how minimalistic it may be, the point being one’s ability to let go for a common good is what he looks for in a women.

He also said the ability to laugh off some miseries in life is important in a partner. “The more that you can laugh at it and not take it seriously, that’s what I think is best in relationships.”

When asked for his what he would like in an ideal partner or a girlfriend. Erich mentioned a person who would intrigue him or draw his attention would be someone who doesn’t take life too seriously and sees the value of life through this way of living.

He also said if he were to take someone on a date in New York, he would take her to the “Birdland”. This is a legendary jazz club on the 44th street. Birdland is also home to world renowned jazz musicians.

The thing Erich loves about New York and its dating life is the spontaneity it holds. It is a town where you can walk off to your preferred destination.

Erich, being a native from New York, has time and again said there is no place like it in the entire world. It is a city of diverse cultures and the only city in the world where over 700 languages are spoken daily.

Erich is just thirty years old, and having already stood out as the most eligible bachelor for his charming looks, gentleman personality and outstanding acting skills, he hopes to win more accolades in the near future. His height has definitely helped him a great deal to be one of the best looking men in America today as his posture is very becoming. He stands at a height of 6ft 3inches.

Eric, much like most of his generation, is an active social networker and is known to frequently post feeds on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He can be followed @erichbergen on Twitter and his official page in Facebook is Erich Bergen.