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Who is Katie Stottlemire? Is she still single or Married?Know about her Boyfriend and Relationship

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Here we are back again with another gossip and it’s all about actress Katie Stottlemire. You may recognize her from her movies, Tragedy Girls, The  Street Where We live and My Friend Dahmer.

After appearing in several movies, Katie is gaining fame among fans with her amazing acting skills and personalities. In recent days Katie is rumored to be dating a guy?  Is it true? Let’s find out.

Is Katie Stollemire single?

When it comes to the personal life of Katie, she is among the celebrities who hides it behind the curtains.  While the co-stars of Katie are in a relationship, Katie likes to step out from the circle of love affairs.

The Turn Out actress, Katie has been in the few movie over past few years but recently she rose to fame, with horror movie Tragedy girls. When  Katie appeared in this American horror movie people, wanted to know more about her and out of the reel.

Katie Stottlemire, source: IMDb

While celebrities of her age are surrounded by the rumors of breakups and dates, Katie seems to be enjoying her single life. After being the public face, it’s surprising that Michael never came forward with her love life.

So what’s the reason behind it? Katie’s busy life can be a reason. This actress might be busy with upcoming movie The Turn Out which in the post-production phase, so she might be focusing on movies rather than webbing in the relationship.

When looked in Katie’s Instagram you may notice, she often posts a picture with a mystery man. In one of her post, Stollemire shared a pic with a caption

Happy national boyfriend day to the best boyfriend ever! Thanks for being my best friend and for always giving me college advice

Well, it looks as if their relationship is just limited to friends.

But wait, when you keep on scrolling her  Instagram, you can see more post in which Katie mentioned dating with this guy. They are obviously dating but hasn’t come as a couple to an interview or show.

We hope in the near future, Katie opens more about his relationship with her fan.

 Who is Katie Stollemire?

Katie Stollemire is an American actress, who recently rose to fame with movies Tragedy Girls, Equal Chances, The Street Where we live and My Friend Dahmer.

Best dancer award goes to Bookish Student #tragedygirls

A post shared by Katie Stottlemire (@katiestottlemire) on

Apart from there are not much of information on this beauty. Apart from her movie’s premiere, Katie hardly makes public appearances.

Katie Stollemire with ponytails in Tragedy Girls, source: We Got This Covered

Well, we wish her a luck and blissful journey in Hollywood.

Mitch and Scott,Pentatonix,BFF

Who is Mitch Grassi dating Currently?Know about his Affairs and Relationship

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Now the curiosity related to Scott Hoying’s sexuality is no more a hot topic. More recently, Everyone who is in the Pentatonix fandom is sure that Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying are not only group members but also are dating.
However, no one of them has admitted the fact of being a real couple.

So, let us explore together to know whether they are together or it’s just a rumor? Stay with us to know about Mitch Grassi’s dating history, love affairs and an exact answer to whether or not he is dating band member Scott Hoying.

Is Mitch Grassi Single Or is he dating Scott Hoying ??

Pentatonix Mitch Grassi is openly gay whereas Scott Hoying has not revealed the fact regarding his sexuality officially despite dating a man earlier.  However, their fans and followers think both the Mitch and Scott are dating each other with a pretty logical reason.

But, But, there is always the But, Before revealing those reasons, let’s jump into Mitch Grassi’s current love affairs as well as relationship status.

Scott Hoying with boyfriend Mitch Grass

Scott Hoying with boyfriend Mitch Grass, Source: Wikicelebinfo

Since 2011, Pentatonix band was made, Mitch and Scott’s friendship has been surely one to get jealous of. They call themselves as a best of friends and even have proved it. Well,  We have heard lot’s of rumors regarding Scott’s love affairs with Mitch but we never heard about Scott having a girlfriend or dating her.

 Mitch and Scott,Pentatonix,BFF

Mitch and Scott, Pentatonix, BFF, Source: Wikipedia


If we dig a little deeper into the band member’s personal life, the duo holds relationship more than just BFF’s. They seem to be actually dating like a real couple.

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying is a real couple. Is it true?

Mitch and Scott even made a video titled Are We Dating and posted it on their Youtube Channel which made their fans more curious regarding their relationship. Are Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix gay couple?  But they both didn’t really answer the question. However, Fans weren’t satisfied with their answer and gave comments that weren’t good enough.

Have a look at those comments:

Now, In one of the Youtube videos of Mitch and Scott, they have kissed one another and also admitted that they have seen each other without any dress, but when it comes to dating, the answers are more thorny.

Zoom it in to know some Quora answers on the topic, Quora user Elspeth Cowie says:

Mitch is gay and Scott has been in a relationship with a man before (he hasn’t confirmed whether he is gay or bisexual), but they are not a couple – just roommates and very close friends since childhood.

Are Superfruit really Dating?

Elizabeth Estrada, another Quora user says:

I wish!
But no, Scott and Mitch are (so they claim) completely platonic. However, they dated in 2009 for a while. Also, in January 2017, they kissed in a YouTube video on their channel Superfruit. Scott has been in a relationship with a man before, and is widely considered gay, and Mitch is most definitely gay.

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying

Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, Source: Pinterest

Another user, Emily Beato says:

Mitch and Scott are both gay, but they’ve both dated separate men. They’re not a couple, they’re just really close childhood friends. They’ve known each other since around 2001 at age 8 – 10.

The chatters and gossips that Scottt and Mitch are dating got so viral that Mitch had to address it in a humorous tweet:

Are they really married or these tweets were made just for fun? Let’s wait till they publicly come up with answers.




Who is Antwan Lewis? Know about his Married Life and Relationship

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We are pretty sure you may have heard the name, Antwan Lewis many times which should be the reason to land on this page.  Antwan who is having a hard time with his career, after being replaced from Fox News will surely come up with another show just like Megyn Kelly did, so don’t worry about it.

Keeping aside his professional life, we are here to let all Lewis’ fans know about Antwan Lewis married life and relationship status. So without further delay, let’s jump into the topic directly.

Is Antwan Lewis Dating Someone?

Antwan Lewis is a former general assignment reporter for Fox 5 News. After serving years in Fox, it’s obvious that he is a recognizable face in the news world.

But Lewis who covered breaking news from all over the world never made a headline in regards to his love life or any other personal affair. It looks like Antwan keeps a strict boundary between his career and personal life.

Antwan Lewis,source:

Even with such a good physical appearances and amazing personality, Antwan is never linked or rumored to be in an affair with any women so far, which is a hard pill to swallow for all his fans.

Where other celebrities took on social media to open out about their relationship, Antwan prefers not to do so.

If we take a quick look at Lewis’s Instagram post, then we see he is not so active in social media platforms.

You can see him posting pictures with some of the women but they just their female co-workers. We have to say Lewis tries his best to hide his personal life away from the media.

In these post, you can notice, Lewis often uploads images with a Teresa  Priolo. Well, they are not a couple but share a desk on Fox 5 news. They were reporting news together for several years until they were replaced by Fox in August.

Friends, nothing is cooking between these two close friends as Priolo is expecting her first child with husband Daniel Aviles in February 2018. As for now, reporter Lewis is single. We hope Antwan might be dating someone but he hasn’t made it official yet.

Who is Antwan Lewis?

Antwan served as a general assignment reporter in Fox 5 News starting from 2010 till 2015. In his struggling days, Antwan spent four years, as a reporter and fill-in anchor for KTVK-tv in Arizona. Apart from this, he served as a reporter at WGN-TV in Chicago.

Antwan Lewis and Sabria Burns at Nickelodeon’s 12th Annual Worldwide Day of Play, source: Zimbio

Lewis is an active humanitarian journalist and is actively involved in various children charities and welfare works. Many of you don’t know the fact that, Lewis was an active supporter of the UNICEF. For his valiant work, Antwan has been awarded by the National Association of Black Journalist.

Antwan Lewis at Fox 5                                                                      source: YouTube

The four times Emmys award winner, Antwan was replaced permanently by the Sukanya Krishnan in August 2017 by Sukanya Krishnan. In the same month, an official Twitter page of Fox announced that Antwan will join the Fox news channel 5 permanently.

Sukanya Krishnan, Source: YouTube

Where Suknaya fans are excited to see her on the news, Antwan fans are raising questions on Fox on this matter.

In September, Antwan shared a post thanking all his fans for loving him during his time on Fox. Lewis fans showed their love to Atwan, supporting him on his hard time.

We hope you are satisfied with our take on Antwan Lewis and we assure you that we will let you know in case Antwan finds his sweetheart.


Who is Emilia Clarke dating? Find out her dating history and current affairs

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Emilia Clarke is well known as “Daenerys Targerian” or “Khaleesi”, from a famous medieval series Game Of Thrones. Her romance with Khal Drogo in GOT did actually catch a lot of attention. But you surely don’t know much about her real-life affairs. Well, don’t worry because today we are here to share all the information about who she has dated and who is she with now.

Emilia Clarke is an adorable and sexy actress, any guy would love to have her. Yes, Emilia’s affairs have always been a matter of interest to her millions of male fans. So, keep on scrolling to know in detail about all the guys Emilia dated in her life.

Emilia Clarke’s relationships and affairs

Although the famous Khalesi has only been with only a couple of guys on GOT, she’s been with about a half dozen guys in her real life. Her first publicized relationship was with a comedian Seth MacFarlane. They started dating around 2012 and continued seeing each other for about 6 months and broke up. As per Macfarlane, the reason behind their break-up was the long distance and busy schedules.

Emilia Clarke romancing with her comedian boyfriend

Emilia Clarke romancing with her comedian boyfriend, Source: E news

Another guy she was rumored to be with was James Franco. Even though they were never seen together, Emilia was even rumored to be engaged. But in an interview, Clarke revealed that,

He is, of course, beautiful. But I feel there’s only a handful of women who could form an engagement after two meetings, and I’m not one of them.

Another guy we assume Emilia was dating was Jared Leto. On the SAG Awards, Jared was flirting with Emilia like crazy, on camera. He even told the press,

I haven’t seen your show, but I know people are obsessed with it and say it’s absolutely amazing. Have you looked into her eyes? They’re absolutely insane.

However, they have not been dating yet, that we know of but sill Jared seems to be a great fan of Emilia.

Jared Leto flirting with Emilia Clarke

Jared Leto flirting with Emilia Clarke, your tango

Another relation Emilia has had was with Cory Michael Smith. They were seen hanging out together since March 2014 and were seen together holding hands as well as slow dancing at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party.

Emilia Clarke posing with Cory Michael Smith

Emilia Clarke posing with Cory Michael Smith, Franchise Herald

One of the recent affairs of Clarke was with Terminator co-star Jai Courtney. However, Clarke revealed that their work commitments had made dating difficult.

A scene of Emilia and Jai from the Terminator

A scene of Emilia and Jai from the Terminator, Source: Den of Geek

But again, their relationship didn’t last long. They started dating around 2014 and got separated a year later.

Mother of dragons with John snow?

If you are a great fan of Emilia, you must also know that she was once said to be with Kit Harrington. But we all also know that John Snow is already engaged to her fiancee Yigritte in his real life. So, yes, Khalesi and John Snow’s romance rumor was just a rumor.

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington, Source: Indian Express

Although Clarke has been with these many guys in her life, she is single at present. Recently she revealed in an interview the reason why she’s single. Playing a lead role in movies like Me Before You, Terminator and series like Game of Thrones, she seems to have less time to think about a boyfriend. Let’s hope that she finds someone worthy of her love soon.


How Much is Maria Sharapova’s Net worth? Know in Details about her Salary, Early Career and Awards

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Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, better known as Maria Sharapova, is a Russian tennis star. The silver medal winner for Women’s Singles at Summer Olympics held in Russia. Maria has gained name and fame as one of the most successful tennis players all over the world.

Well, as we have already covered her personal life in previous articles, today we will be focusing on her Net worth and achievements in her life.

Know to Maria Sharapova’s Networth:

Maria Sharapova is earning a deserving amount of income from her successful career and is able to accumulate more than $100 million. Kept aside her endorsements and deals; Maria has so far gained $35 million only as prize money. She is able to generate a huge net worth of $125 million in 2017.

Maria Sharapova with her car

Maria Sharapova with her car
Source: Celebrity Carz

Talking about Maria’s property she owns a Longboat Key house worth $2.6 million in the USA with swimming pool. She further owns a Range Rover worth $83,495-$186,495 and Porsche 911 Carrera worth $85,295 and lives with a pet dog Dolce.

Maria Sharapova’s early career and Awards:

Talking about Maria’s career, the 30 years old tennis enigma was interested in tennis from a very young age and turned pro in 2001.

Maria Sharapova enjoying her passion

Maria Sharapova enjoying her passion
Source: Coedmagazine

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She has so far won 35 singles titles, 5 Grandslam (Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open, including two French Open titles) and three doubles titles.

Maria Sharapova’s Awards:

Moreover, to Maria’s Awards winning she is able to win numerous awards for her amazing skills. In 2003 she was able to win the Russian cup newcomer of the year award and Women’s Tennis Association Newcomer of the year award. Similarly, in the following year, she again won WTA player of the year and WTA Most Improved player of the year award.

Maria Sharapova winning Awards

Maria Sharapova winning Awards
Source: Pinterest

Maria did a lot of hard work to get where she is at now. 2007’s best female athlete for teen choice awards and was honored with Best Female Tennis Player ESPY Award for five times starting from 2005 till 2014 which is really inspiring. We hope she will further grow as a tennis superstar. so, let’s wish her all the luck.

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Jayni Chase’ Husband Chevy Chase’s Net worth: Know all the Details about his Salary, Career and Awards

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Every people love entertaining and want someone to entertain themselves. Today in this section we are getting the opportunity to know another versatile comedian and an actor Chevy Chase. The one who made a place in the billions of people’s heart playing in numerous series and appearing as a coordinator in the talk shows.

Well, we know Chevy professionally getting personally he is the husband of Jayni Chase and has already welcomed three children. But today in this article we are touching with Chevy’s net worth career and the awards he won for his performances.

Let us dive into it!!!

How much is Chevy Chase’s Net worth:

Everyone must be curious to know the income which an American comedian earns. A wise man winning billions of people’s heart is succeeding to the fullest. Since it is said that Chevy influenced many other comedians who came after he entered to this field. He may accumulate the money which he deserves from his acting field.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase                                                                                            Source: Yahoo

Revealing you the suspense of Chevy’s net worth, his estimated net worth is $50 million which is not a small amount. Chevy started earning with the amount of $750 per program in Saturday Night Live. However, He kept on giving his one to the full and now he is earning an unbelievable amount $50 million.

Know Chevy Chase’s Career:

In 1967 Chevy stepped into the field of comedy as a member of Channel One’s co-founder. He was the writer of the TV show Smothers Brothers in 1975. Chevy joined media making comedy thing his professional career in 1973 as the cast member of radio series The National Lampoon Radio Hour.

After that, Chevy joined as the member of the Saturday Night Live which was the late night television show on NBC on October of 1975. He used to run every show except the live program from New York ‘Saturday Night’.

Chevy Chase enjoying his passion

Chevy Chase enjoying his passion
Source: Daily Mail

Chevy became the original host for the  Weekend Update of SNL and the way he introduced before the program touched many hearts and became  opening statement:

“I’m Chevy Chase and you’re not’.

Chevy did a shit load of programs and shows which have made him a household name in America.

In 1976 in the mid of the second season of SNL Chevy was the first member to leave the show. He stated that the main reason behind him leaving the show was his girlfriend Jacquilin Carlin who moving to New York. Chevy moved to Los Angeles and married to Jacqueline. Bill Murray came in the place of Chevy and he appeared in a few shows in the second season.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase                                                                       Source: Celeb Net Wealth

However, Chevy hosted the SNL for eight seasons and he came also appeared in SNL’s 25th anniversary in 1999 and was interviewed for the NBC special. In 2015 he involved in the 40

In 2015 he again showed up for the 40th anniversary of NBC. Chevy appeared in numerous films and his most remembered role so far is Eric in the National Lampoons Animal House.

Chevy Chase’s Awards:

Chevy is able to win numerous awards for his hard work which he did to represent the Hollywood industry. He has won many awards and nominations; He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture.

Chevy Chase Awarded

Chevy Chase Awarded,                                                                   Source: YouTube

He became the nominee for the Outstanding Writing in a  comedy variety for Primetime Emmy Award and won the Primetime Emmy Awards in 1976. Likewise, Chevy won the Emmy awards in 1978 as an Outstanding writer in a Comedy-Variety.

Donna Dixon's Married Life

Donna Dixon’s Married Life with husband Dan Aykroyd, living together with Children!

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Everyone wants their marriage to last forever. Nobody gets married to someone just to get divorced a few years later. But not everyone is lucky enough to be together forever since their marriage. Today, we’ll talk about a former beauty queen as well as a retired American actress who has been living a blissful life with her husband for more than three decades.

Donna Dixon who has played in several movies with her husband, she’s an amazing actress, but how well did she do being a wife and a mom? Also, what’s the secret behind their long-term successful married life? Know everything in detail about her personal life today through this article.

Donna Dixon’s Married Life

Donna Dixon and her beloved husband have been married for over 34 years now. Her husband is another famous actor, Dan Aykroyd. They tied the knot on 29th April back in 1983. They dated for over a year before they actually got engaged. Their love story is a ‘real couple goal’. Anyone would love to be with someone with whom they can last forever.

Donna and her husband Dan

Donna and her husband Dan, Source: eCF

Donna Dixon and Dan Aykroyd are immensely supportive towards each other and have supported each other in their career as well. They are often seen hanging out together and once were seen at the Broadway musical ‘The Little Mermaid’ at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

They started having feelings for each other when they were playing for the movie, Doctor Detroit. Later, they appeared together in movies like Twilight Zone, Spies Like Us, The Couch Trip etc.

Donna Dixon’s children

The actress together with her husband has given birth to three beautiful daughters. They welcomed their first child after six years of marriage on November 18, 1989, whose name is Danielle Alexandra. After that, their second baby entered the world on 9th of June 1993, named Belle Kingston and their last daughter’s name is Stella Irene whose birth date is 5th of April 1998.

Even though Donna is already 60 years of age, she still looks a lot younger in pictures. Donna’s relationship with her husband can be given as an example of an ‘understanding long-term relationship’. No any controversies or rumor of divorce has been able to touch them, let’s now hope that they continue being good to each other until the end of their lives.

Andy Milonakis Single

Is 41-Year-old Andy Milonakis Single or Married??

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Able to make others laugh is a very rare skill. Only a few people are born with the talent and among them is our comedian Andy Milonakis. Not only he has been able to make people laugh with his amazing skill but also has amazed people by showing his talent as a writer, an actor and as well as a rapper.

Being extremely talented in his professional career, how successful is the 41-year-old Andy in his personal life? Learn everything you need to know about Andy Milonakis’s love life from this article. As he’s already completed four decades of his life, he must have found someone special on the way, keep on scrolling if you want to know everything in detail.

Is Andy Milonakis Single?

It is easier to spot celebrities who are single and who are in relationships. So, if a couple is seen together hanging out and holding hands or kissing, they are surely dating. Likewise, if a celebrity has a ring on their ring finger, they are surely engaged. And it goes on and on!

Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis, Source: pigeons and planes

But it is not the case with our comedian, Andy. He is already 41 years old and has not been dating anyone till date that we know of. Rumors of him being gay also keep on surrounding here and there but there is no any proof that suggests so! Andy Milonakis has also signed with Endemol beyond USA For TV, Digital Deals.

So, either he keeps his personal life a mystery, or he might just be asexual? Well personally, I don’t think anything like ‘asexual’ exists. Because everyone has their pleasure point, everyone loves something, be it a person or a thing.

Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis, Source: tube filter

Andy once made a song called, Suck Me Off To Drake Songs. Does this mean that he likes Drake? Well, apart from the song, he might just be waiting for ‘the one’ to appear in his life. In fact, what’s there to hurry? You will eventually be with someone whom you’re meant to be so I think it’s wise to just wait.

Why isn’t he married yet?

If you already follow Andrew, you must also know that he has had growth hormone deficiency since he was young. He was badly bullied by his friends at school. He still has a voice of kid although he is already 41 years old. However, he turned his weakness into strength and started making fun of himself and eventually became a comedian.

As I have already mentioned earlier that Andy hasn’t been with anyone till date, a possible reason behind this might be his hormone deficiency. Not everyone knows the worth of disabled. But let’s pray for a girl or a guy to come to his life who’d love him despite his deficiency.

Jace Norman's Net Worth

How much is actor Jace Norman’s Net Worth, get to know his Career and Award

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Have you ever imagined how much money does  Jace Norman, the winner of  Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male TV star in 2017 makes?

With no doubts, Jace, better known for his portrayal as Henry Hart in Nickelodeon series, he is not only famous but also has a huge net worth. Let’s dig a little deeper and know all the details about his career and awards right here:

Jace Norman’s Net Worth and Salary

Nickelodeon Star Jace is a motivation to many teenagers who desire to become an actor. At the age of 17, Jace Norman has earned immense popularity and money where we can assume his net worth is very close to million.

According to some sources, his net worth is estimated to be $800,000. Moreover, Norman is still one of the leading characters in Henry Danger show where he went a serious Transformation for ‘Henry Danger.’ It seems like he has a deep connection with Henry Danger show where he has grown up. 

Jace Norman had a significant growth in his salary which added up more on his existing net worth as well. And his net worth is almost sure to increase in upcoming days.

Also, recently the blonde hair teenager also became a part of Variety’s Young Hollywood Campaign. His social networking sites are mostly about his show Henry Danger and day to day teenage things like catching up with friends and hanging out with them.

Jace Norman’s Prolific career and Awards

Although Jace is a renowned actor now, he started his acting career in the Disney Show Jessie as Finch. Later, he appeared in Deadtime Stories and The Thunder Man. Finally, back in 2014, he got his windfall when he was signed as one of the leading characters on the popular Nickelodeon TV show ‘Henry Danger.’

Digging a little deeper into his career, Norman also did The Dumb Show in 2015. Then, he contracted for the two series named  Splitting Adam and Webheads.

Moreover, in 2016, he successively appeared in a television film Rufus as Rufus along with its sequel Rufus II in 2017. This year, Norman even sparkled as the voice of the character Spark in the movie Spark this year.

Overall, Jace Norman’s career and achievements are pretty exciting considering the fact that he is just 17 years old. We know that this talented actor has a long way to go who will inevitably raise his net worth and income.


Priyanka Chopra Still Single? Or Who is she dating Currently?Know about her Affairs and Past Relationship

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Do you know who Priyanka Chopra is? Well, this is probably the humorous question, right? The global sensation Priyanka Chopra is not only a Superhit Bollywood actress but also a popular Hollywood actress who is best known for the series Quantico.

Priyanka Chopra’s professional life is like an open book to all of her fans but what about her personal life? Her love life has always been a mystery to the entire world. Yes, today we are here with Priyanka’s love life, dating history and list of boyfriends. Just stay with us to know it in detail.

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Is Priyanka Chopra single or she is dating someone?

The sizzling Priyanka is over the moon these days. The diva recently won the People’s Choice Award for Best Actress for ‘Quantico’, becoming the first South-Asian actress to win the award. Indeed, the actress is winning tributes one after another which has added up more in her existing net-worth.

Award winner of Best actress,Priyana Chopra

Award winner of Best actress, Priyanka Chopra, Source: Starz play blog 

But, apart from her successful professional career, it’s her personal life which is also bagging eyeballs. A lot of rumors of her being in a love and affairs came out and went by.

Know what Priyanka Chopra search in her partner

Her name has been connected with several popular Bollywood celebrities but no matter what she never revealed about her love affairs with a co-star in detail.

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Quantico star love affairs: Know Ms. Chopra’s perception about marriage

The Miss world 2000, Priyanka Chopra’s first known boyfriend was Aseem Merchant. The duo was together until Priyanka came into limelight. However, as soon as Ms. Chopra won the title of Miss World and arose to fame she moved on from the life of Aseem.

Besides him, Quantico star dated with a list of her co-actors such as Badshah of Bollywood who is none other than Shahrukh Khan, the sportsperson Akshay Kumar, and also  Herman Baweja, Shahid Kapoor and so on.

Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra with bollywood actor Sharukkhan

Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra with Bollywood actor Sharukkhan, Source: Bollywoodlife

However, she has never openly accepted any of her relationships and kept it all at a low profile. Neither she officially announced about her boyfriend. But, But, But, on one of the episodes of Coffee with Karan, she admitted that she is blushed by  Shahrukh Khan.

Moving on to Priyanka’s next boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor, she accepted that once they were a couple.

BARFI actress Priyanka with her ex- boyfriend Aseem

BARFI actress Priyanka with her ex-boyfriend Aseem, Source: News East-West 

Her secret affair with these actors is easily available online. However, Priyanka recently accepted that she is in a relationship with someone.

Priyanka Chopra ignoring her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor;

Scroll down to know in detail about her mysterious boyfriend:

Priyanka Chopra’s current boyfriend

When Priyanka was once asked about her relationship status during an interview with a leading daily, she answered in a way that amazed her fans.

Quantico cast Priyanka Chopra

Quantico cast Priyanka Chopra, Source: Pinterest

Know Priyanka’s reply in her own words:

Who says I don’t have a partner? I might not be with him because I am traveling. All my life I have never commented on the fact whether I am in a relationship or not.

Is she trying to give us the hint of having a right guy in her life?????

She further added,

I have a personal life. I don’t like talking about it. I am private about it. I’ve never flaunted my relationships, I have protected them. I believe in “Buri Nazar”(bad sight). So if something is important to you, keep it close to your heart.

More recently, Priyanka released her latest Hollywood movie named Baywatch in May 2017 where her acting was much appreciatable.

We hope Priyanka soon reveals her secret boyfriend to media.