Empire star Serayah McNeill, age 20, dating rapper Wale

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

The beautiful Serayah McNeill, who is also the star of the popular American TV show Empire, does have a boyfriend!! Her boyfriend is Hip Hop artist and rapper Wale. Apparently, they have been secretly dating since July and have been getting serious lately.

McNeil, who has never been linked to any body in a romantic way before, is in her first high profile relationship. McNeil and Wale first met when their agent came up with the idea of collaboration between the two for a single.

Unfortunately, the single did not happen. But Wale and McNeil did happen. They maintain in a long distance relationship as Wale has his set up in Los Angeles and McNeil is currently set up in Chicago. Wale has also just purchased a property in Chicago so that he can spend time with McNeil.

Sources claim that Wale and McNeil have been working on maintaining their long term relationship and have been seeing each other at least twice a month. However, they have not publicly announced their relationship as they have been trying hard to keep their relationship low profile.

However, Serayah and Wale’s Twitter accounts have been indicating that they have been seeing each other for quite a while now. Serayah even tweeted “Wale’s new song at the time, Spoiled”.

Sources close to Serayah have been continuing to assert that the relationship is a low profile affair and have been outspoken about it. One close source however said” While Serayah and Wale are friends, they are not dating”.

Saerayah, who on a professional level has been one of the best young stars of the year, has already managed to get a recurring role in Empire.  She also featured in the star studded Taylor Swift video “Bad Blood”.

Apart from being an actress, Serayah is also a singer and has already release four songs this year, all of which have been successful. Her song “Keep It Movin” was used by Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour a number of times to open concerts.

Her other popular songs are “Bad Girl”, “Adios” and “Drip Drop”. All of her songs have over 1 million views on YouTube.

Serayah, also known for her looks, has been voted into the top ten hot young stars of 2015. She has been placed number seven in the rankings.

Serayah is just twenty years old and has already managed to grab the attention of many prominent people in the industry. Her acting and singing skills have been giving her an edge over her fellow colleagues.

She is also the most followed new comer in the industry on social media. In just under a year, she has over 700 K followers. She is a regular Twitter-er and can be followed @SerayahLove. On Instagram she has 648K followers and can be followed as serayah.