Empire's Jussie Smollett cleared that he would come back in the following seasons

Great news for the fan of Empire. It seems the fan favorite Jussie Smollett will be returning to play the role of Jamal Lyon for the coming season.

Jussie was an exceptional actor and his performance in the two seasons were phenomenal. Fans were quickly off their seat when Jussie posted on Twitter what looked like a farewell note.


No wonder everyone thought that he won’t be appearing in the next season of the series. It was only until later that he revealed that it was a prank tweet.

"I was thinking like my little core group of amazing fans would be like, 'What?'But it just went so much further. Like there were calls about it and Lee (Daniels) was getting death threats about it,"



According to EW, Jussie will be reprising his role in the third season. As of Thursday morning, more than 2,000 fans had retweeted the message as Twitter users asked what it signaled for his character Jamal’s future.

Jussie was quick to clear the misunderstanding posting a video with caption –“Listen 2 my words...I'll see y'all season 3…..”


Smollett says fans can chill out — he's going nowhere. "I'll be back season three and hopefully season four if I don't piss everybody off," he said.