Emma Roberts's Engagement With Evan Peters, Disclose her Past Affairs

What is the best moment for a couple? Making memorable moments and living the best out of it together is something which every duo would expect from each other. Another moment that would be precious and valuable in their lives is marriage. In the beginning of this year, Emma Roberts's engagement made several headlines. So, is she now ready to take this decision for her life?

Emma Roberts is an American artist and a singer. Her career includes the ultimate collection of Hollywoods hits. She debuted as Kristina Jung in "Blow" and then later was seen in "Valentine Day", "The Art of Getting By" and much more. Later in 2013, she led as one of the main roles for series  "American Horror Story" and " Scream Queen".

Emma Roberts's Engagement with Evan Peters

American Horror Story actress confirmed her engagement with native American actor Evan Peters. However, this is not the first time couple have been engaged. That's right folks, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters were earlier engaged in 2013.

Emma Roberts, source: BillBoard

But here is the interesting part, the couple called off their engagement after a year of bonding. What appears to have happened between them was continuous mishaps. In fact, Roberts was arrested few months before they were engaged.

Emma Robert long hair, source: hairstyle

But nothing to worry about, Emma and Peters have been reunited. The couple was spotted kissing. It seems the pair is now able to understand feelings of one another. The couple might be looking forward to tying the knot pretty soon. The star confirmed her engagement with Evan after paparazzi caught a picture of her with her ring on her ring finger.

Evan and Emma Reunited, source: DailyMail

Emma Roberts's Past Affairs

Emma is a very charming actress and she is not the one who is easily falling for guys. Rather she would have a trail of men line up for. But that isn't the case either, she is a girl who has loved Evan Peters time and again. But between the time of their relationship, she was in relation with several people.

Emma Roberts also dated with the American documentary director Christopher Hines. In-fact, it all went cozy just after splitting with her longtime boyfriend Evan Peters. Sources report that Christopher came in contact with her ex-girlfriend through her fashion designer Brit Elkin who apparently also was a friend of  Christopher Hines.

Emma Robert and Christopher, source: etonline

Robert was in relation with Chord Overstreet. Also, the relation between Robert and Chord is similar such that of her with Evan Peters. The couple dated for nine months and broke up. But after a few months, they were back at it again. However, their love life didn't turn out be fruitful.

Tennis player Dathan Coopin is another on the list whom Emma dated for a long two years. Paparazzi clicked several photos of them together and were highlighted back in 2010.

Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler is one of the people whom Emma has dated with. They were perhaps in love but unfortunately, it couldn't last more than five months.

Last but not the least one, Emma dated actor Alex Pettyfer. Interesting fact, the couple dated for only about year but it was enough to get Emma's initials tattooed on his fingers.