Emma Chambers talks about what a diva she is; Know about her Husband and Married Life

British actress Emma Chambers, best remembered for her work as Alice Tinker in BBC comedy The Vicar of Dibley and as Honey Thacker in the film Notting Hill was one of the best comedians that ever lived. With a perfect figure and cute smile, Emma Chambers successfully won millions of admirers. Her fans are keen to know about her husband and her romantic marital life even after her sudden demise on 21st February 2018 at the age of 53.


So if you are among the admirers of Emma Chambers, here we have collected some of her personal life facts along with her married life. So, let's dig deep into the issue in today's column to find out how exciting life did the comedian lived.

Emma Chambers's Married Life

Emma Chambers was married to Ian Dunn. The couple tied the knot in June 1991 and shared over 26 years of glorious marital life together. Emma and Ian got married in the New Forest.

Emma described her low-key wedding in an interview with the Independent UK as:

“My wedding was very short. I was playing the lead in an Alan Ayckbourn play and was only given one day off. My sister, Sarah Doukas, is a model agent and one of her bookers made me a dress which cost £180. I still look at it in my wardrobe and think it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The wedding itself was in the New Forest. I loved it because I never had a big party before as we had always been on the move when I was a child"

She further added:

My father wasn't there for personal and geographical reasons – he lived in Australia. But I had been living with Ian McKellen and he was a sort of father figure to me. We didn't have a honeymoon. I was back at work on the Monday.”

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Emma’s husband, Ian Dunn is also a well-known actor known for movies like Girls in Love, Gulliver's Travels, and American Friends. However Ian is not as famous as his wife, but this does not bother Ian:

“No, because he is just such a lovely man. He would never think about it in that way. Ian couldn't be more supportive, happy and pleased. He just glows with pride.”

She lived with her husband Ian M. Dunn in Lymington, Hampshire; the couple had no children. The actress Emma Chambers's net worth is around $3 million.

More about Emma Chambers

Born in Doncaster, Chambers had smaller parts in television productions such as The Bill and the TV serialization of the Charles Dickens novel Martin Chuzzlewit before landing the role of the role of Alice Tinker in the BBC comedy The Vicar of Dibley for which she won the British Comedy Award for Best Actress.

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In 1998, Chambers took the role of Helen Yardley in the TV shows How Do You Want Me?, and 1999, she appeared in the film Notting Hill, as Honey. In 2000, she was cast as Martha Thompson in Take a Girl Like You, a TV show based on the Kingsley Amis novel and a remake of the 1970 film.

Chambers worked as a voice performer in the animated made-for-TV film The Wind in the Willows in 1995. In 2003, she provided the voice of Spotty for two episodes in the TV series Little Robots.

She was in the theater for about ten years before her major break in television. She has appeared in some stage productions including Tartuffe and Invisible Friends. In 2002, she toured with the Michael Frayn play, Benefactors, where she starred opposite Neil Pearson.

The reason behind Emma Chambers' death

She was only 53 at the time of her death, so what was the cause of her untimely death? This is one of the most searched questions about Emma currently. So what exactly was the reason behind her sudden and untimely death?

Many tabloids and media outlets claimed that she died of natural causes but many British media like Mirror.uk recently have outed that the cause behind her death was a suspected heart attack, as per one of her close friend.

At first, her death looked like a hoax but it was later clarified by BBC executive Producer Jon Plowman on Radio 4 addressed her death as:

"It's no age to have a heart attack, as I understand it. Emma was a gifted comic actress who made any part she played look easy. She was adored by the cast and crew. Tributes have poured for the actress - who was just 53 when died."

Later her agent John Grant too announced in a statement that the actor had passed away and has left behind her husband Ian Dunn.

Undoubtedly the versatile British actress Emma Chambers will be greatly missed.

Ten Facts about Emma Chambers

1. Emma Chambers' full name is Emma Gwynedd Mary Chambers.
2. Emma Chambers was born on March 11, 1964.
3. Emma Chambers was born in Doncaster, United Kingdom.
4. Emma Chambers died on  February 21, 2018, at the age of 53.
5. Emma Chambers died from the natural cause; the proximate cause was the heart attack.
6. Emma Chambers married Ian Dunn in 1991.
7. Emma Chambers had a chronic allergy to animals.
8. Emma Chambers started her professional career in 1988.
9. Emma Chambers is also known as Nicola Chambers.
10. Emma Chambers had asthma.