Emeraude Toubia engaged to Prince Royce: Know about their affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   17 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Emeraude Toubia engaged to Prince Royce. Toubia and Royce got engaged after dating for over six years. Now their millions of fans are dying over to know about their relationship details and affairs.

Actually, Emeraude Toubia is secretive about her personal life. She was dating Prince Royce and the couple suddenly disappeared from the media. People were curious to know if they broke up or anything. Read the whole story below:

Emeraude Toubia and Prince Royce

You know, celebrities these days are too secretive and they maintain a low-key profile. Toubia is also too secretive regarding her private life and loves to hide every inch of her personal details behind the curtain.

Toubia was dating Prince Royce and suddenly they did not appear in the media so their fans were worried if they broke up or is still dating.

Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia      Source: justjaredjr

Toubia and Royce started dating since August 2011. Their dating life has always been a curious question for the fans for years before they acknowledged their relationship in April 2016.

Toubia revealed her dating life with Prince Royce in one of the interviews with Latina. She admitted her relationship with singer and songwriter Royce and revealed:

"He's a guy that I admire so much. He's someone that fights for his dreams, and that keeps fighting,"

She furthermore added:

"I like to surround myself with people that have dreams and that fight for them every day. I think he's a big role model for young girls and young guys. I think his career has been impeccable and I love his music. He's a guy that I've known for so long and I really care about him and appreciate what he's done."

Toubia and Royce first met at a restaurant with other friends a long time ago. She also revealed that Royce wanted to meet another girl but she got there first and rest is the history.

Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia     Source: justjaredjr

Toubia also revealed that she always wanted to maintain a low-key profile with her personal life. She is very concern about her privacy.

The couple was spotted at Miami Fashion Week at Ice Palace, Miami, Fla on June 3, 2016. She wore a colorful dress and enjoyed the fashion show sitting with Prince in the first row.

She also appeared in a music video with her boyfriend Prince Royce in his song "Culpa al Corazon" released in January 2016.

Emeraude Toubia engaged to Prince Royce

Emeraude Tobia and Prince Royce are the young couples who are now engaged after several years of dating. According to Despiereta America show, the Bachata singer proposed Shadowhunters' star. The couple engaged on 20th July 2017.

Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia Prince Royce and Emeraude Toubia    Source: popsugar

Sources claim that Royce proposed Toubia with a ring valued at about $100,000. However, the details regarding their wedding plans and proposal are not released by the couple.