Is Elyse Taylor still happy with her Husband Seth Campbell? Know about their Married Life and children

Elyse Taylor is a successful Australian model. But how well has she done in her personal life? Well, she was married to an Australian guy Seth Campbell in 2014. Why did I use ‘was’? Maybe the couple is no longer together, maybe not? Don’t get confused, just keep patience and read until the end of the article to have a clear picture.

Know everything you need to know about the couple’s relationship and married life, when they met, if they do have any children or if they are still together. If they are not, also know the reason behind the separation.Read the story below:

Elyse Taylor and Seth Campbell married

Model Elyse Taylor was just 29 when she got married. Elyse Taylor and Seth Campbell got married exactly on 23rd August 2014 in Bridgehampton, New York. When Taylor was asked about how she found her husband, she said

Seth and I were friends for years before it turned into a romance.

Elyse Taylor and Seth Campbell on their wedding day Elyse Taylor and Seth Campbell on their wedding day, Source: Brides

Also when asked about how Seth proposed her, the model didn’t hesitate to say,

We went for a drive, and Seth wanted to go down to the beach, but he got so nervous that he pulled the car over and proposed right there on the side of the road!

Their words show that the couple was very happy. People often say that if your best friend is your life partner, it’s the best thing you could ever ask for. But this couple didn’t have a happy ending. Yes, what I told earlier was true, but before getting into their divorce, first, let us tell you about the couple’s child.

Elyse Taylor playing with her daughter Elyse Taylor playing with her daughter, Source: Daily Mail

After two years of their first meeting, Elyse became pregnant with her’s and Seth’s first child. After nine months in March 2014, Lila Louise Campbell was born. The couple was not married until their daughter was of six months.

Elyse Taylor and Seth Campbell no longer together

After a month of the couple’s marriage, Elyse told to the world that her marriage with Seth will be her first and last marriage. Does this mean that she’s not getting married although she’s already divorced with Seth? Who knows? Taylor and Cambell split up after two years of getting married.

What could have gone wrong between this cute couple? Well, the main reason behind their separation hasn’t been publicised yet, seems like the ex-couple like to keep their life private. But even after the couple’s divorce, they are in good terms for the sake of their daughter. But not very long after their divorce, Elyse posted a picture of a new guy on her Instagram.

Elyse Taylor cuddling a mystery man Elyse Taylor cuddling a mystery man, Source: Daily Mail

After a couple of months of their divorce, Elyse was seen cuddling with a mystery man. Has Elyse moved on this quickly? Well until the new couple announce that they’re officially dating, this will be a mystery for all of us.