Elizabeth Tilson married to her husband Roger Ailes for 18 years with a son

HitBerryPublished on   06 Dec, 2016Updated on   06 Dec, 2016

On July 5,1998 Roger Ailes, the chairman, and CEO of Fox News married Elizabeth Tilson Ailes who is also known as former Fox News anchor. Roger Ailes who is a multimillionaire and a news network owner and Elizabeth have been married for 18 long years. The couple even has an 18 years old son named Zac from their long-running relationship.

We all know after knowing Ailes is a multi-million dollar News network's owner, you desperately want to know about the personal life children and married life of Elizabeth Tilson and on today's article we are going to talk all about it, so fan here we go! Without further delay be to deliver the personal life of your loved News Celeb all about the personal life and married relationship between  years and they have one son. Here’s what you need to know aboutElizabeth Tilson.

They married in 1998

Elizabeth Tilson and Roger Ailes married each other on July 5,1998. The couple has been speculated to have developed some personal problem after allegations of sexual harassment was put on Roger Ailes.

But the couple regained the lost understanding and it looks like the couple is running strong and are far from any divorce related issue in their eighteen years long relationship.

Invited their only son Zac Ailes in 2000

Just after two years of their marriage, the couple invited their only son named Zac on New year's day 2000. The young teenager is the one most precious gift the family got in a new year. Father Roger who grew up without his father praises his son as he knows the feeling of growing up without a father so the family does live together in harmony loving their 16 years old son.

The love between father and son was once posted by vanity fair magazine in which Ailes disclosed about his memory boxes that he has been making for Zac since he was four years old. Zac is not supposed to open the boxes while his loving father is alive. This sounds very emotional yet lovely.

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