Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter Dating History with Brett Tucker and Lincoln Lewis

HitBerryPublished on   20 Jul, 2016Updated on   20 Jul, 2016

Eliza Jane Taylor is an Australian actress who is best known for her role as ‘Janae Timmins’ on the Australian TV series named Neighbors (1985). Don’t you ever wonder who she is dating right now?  Well, she has dated a number of guys before like Brett Tucker and Lincoln Lewis. If you wanna find out more, scroll down.

Eliza Taylor appeared in many movies such as ‘The November man’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, ‘Pirate Islands’, etc but it was her appearance in TV shows like ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Neighbours Revealed’ which got her world wide acclaim. And hey do you know that she plays lead (Clarke Griffin) in an American TV series named ‘The 100’?  Well, she is.

Eliza Jane Taylor's relationship with Lincoln Lewis.

Eliza Taylor and Lincoln Lewis started dating back in 2003. They really thought they were meant to be and were pretty serious about the whole relationship thing. But they had to end it by 2004 because of some personal issues. They were together for a year, and that does look like a pretty much of a big deal for a pretty face like her. You know when you get a break from a long lasted relationship, it drives you crazy. I can’t believe how she managed to move on. 

Lincoln Lewis

Lincoln Lewis

Eliza Jane's relationship with Brett Tucker

After Eliza put a full stop on with her relationship with Lincoln Lewis, she started dating Brett Tucker during February, 2008. Brett is 44 years old and he is old enough to be called as her ‘Dad’. But you know how it works, when you fall in love, your eyes and sense seem to work less whenever you are with that person. Maybe this is what happened with them. They made themselves official at Hamish and Andy’s Pre-Logies party. However, it didn’t work as well. They broke up 10 months after they got together.

Eliza Taylor and Brett Tucker

Eliza Taylor and Brett Tucker

Is she single now?

Her current status is single and reports believe that she hasn’t been seen with anyone recently. But going through Instagram’s pictures and comments, there are many names like Bob, Jason Sanford. There is this picture on Instagram which you can see below. Well, who is he? And why does she have a caption that says ‘Miss this one’.. I am totally confused.. 


@san_man85 MISS this one!! ??

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Since 2008, we do not have any information regarding her dating. Maybe, she wants to keep it within her own circle and doesn’t want the whole world to know about it. Think about it, if the whole world knows about you and your partner, wouldn’t it start problems at a certain point? It would be awesome at the start. But as time goes by, it will create problems. Hmm good decisions come with maturity said everyone.