Elisabeth Shue's Married Life with Davis Guggenheim: Know about her Children

HitBerryPublished on   19 Sep, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

You must know Elisabeth Shue from the famous hit movie, ‘The Karate Kid’. Also, she appeared in the lead role of ‘Adventures in Babysitting’. But today we’re not here to talk about her movies or success she achieved, rather we will let you guys know all about Elisabeth Shue's married life including her husband and children (if any).

Whenever you’re a fan of any celebrity, you will wish to know everything about them. If you landed here on this article wanting to know about the famous actress Elisabeth Shue, you landed on the very right place. We will help you guys to know about Elisabeth Shue's married life. Thank us later.

Elisabeth Shue's Married Life with Davis Guggenheim

If you are a big fan of Shue, you must already know that she is married for a long time. She is married to a successful producer as well as director, David Guggenheim in the year 1994. They seem to be having a very happy married life since then.

There is not a single rumor suggesting the extramarital affair of any of these two celebs, which clearly explains that they are completely happy with each other.

Elisabeth Shue posing for a picture with her husband Elisabeth Shue posing for a picture with her husband, Source: zimbo 

They are not much active in social media, but referring to all the news related to them, they seem to get along to each other really well. In today’s world, we see every other couple getting divorced as a result of misunderstanding or any other issue. But with Shue and Guggenheim, the case is completely different.

They’ve living happily for 23 years now which is certainly not a joke. We must praise Elisabeth for successfully balancing the personal as well as professional life.

Elisabeth Shue’s Children

The couple together has three children in total. The name of their children; first son named Miles Willian Guggenheim, second child daughter Stella Street Guggenheim and third daughter Agnes Charles Guggenheim.

The children not only increased the size of the family but also increased the happiness and made the couple's relationship much stronger.

A complete family picture of Elisabeth and family A complete family picture of Elisabeth and family, Source: muzul

Trust, love, care, respect, and mutual understanding is what Elisabeth and Davis's relationship stronger and smoother. They have been living happily together. We must say, the couple is enjoying a blissful married life without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.