Eleven essential Hand Tools that you should have at your home

HitBerryPublished on   04 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Right tools and right rules are the basic mantras for repairing everything and furniture is no different. If you know how to use right kind hand tools then your whole home remains in a good condition.


Once you buy a hand tool-kit then smaller problem eventually disappear from your home. It costs obviously lesser for you to buy a fixing kit than to buy a whole new furniture. Other than that hand tools are the best option to keep your home and belongings that you love, live long.

There certainly are some of the expensive items, that you can include in your toolbox but the expensive ones are only a single time expense.

Some unusual and expensive can be used for rent as well. An example of rentable tool might be large bar clamps which are used to span big work such as a dining room table.

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Here is a list of simple tools that you may or may not have but we suggest you go through it and find out if you have all the actual components and add things on your box according to your will.

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At first, we suggest getting a tool box if you want to protect your tools from getting misplaced. For that, you don't need a wooden box or metal container or a fancy looking tool box that supermarket offers you can use any container which is handy. That's all.

Hammer or Mallet:

Hammer is an important component of wood furniture repair, and a hammer can be used for anything that has to be joined using a nail.

Hammer/mallet Hammer/mallet

A few of any joints require nailing. We can get three types of cost-friendly nailing hammer.

Standard Claw Hammers:

The best quality claw hammer has a hickory handle.  The trick to finding the best claw hammer is to observe its claw carefully before you buy.

hammer Clawhammer

It should have fine inside edge to slide under the head of the nail, and a little curve to provide good leverage. It comes in different shapes and sizes starting from 7 ounces to 15 ounces. We suggest you buy a hammer which is somewhere around 12 to 15 ounces.

Rubber mallet Rubber mallet

the rubber mallet is undoubtedly the handiest tools in all hammers because with you can pound on your furniture without being worried about denting it.

Magnetic tack hammer

Magnetic tack hammer is a thin-nosed light hammer with a magnetic head. It is good for plumbing work.

The magnetic head holds the tack upright as you drive it so that you can tack with one hand.  This hammer is good for getting and narrow head it can fit into tight places.

Megnetic hammer Magnetic tack hammer

The head will retain its magnetism for quite a long time if you keep a metal washer on the face when the hammer isn't in use.


After hammers, you should acquire a multiple head adjust screw driver so you can use it according to the shape of your screws.

Screwdriver set Screwdriver set

Notably, in corner blocks and braces on chairs and tables have a good collection of large-bladed so a large headed screw shall work fine for furniture and chair.

Nail sets

Nailing the furniture is a hard job and it often dent’s wooden furniture if used improperly so along with nail set and hammer you may consider buying a Wood putty which hides the dent and nailhead properly.

nail set nail set


Mostly, sewing is a small part of the restoration and requires a smooth cut. As per our suggestion, you should buy a small backsaw. It is a square-ended saw with fine teeth. Small meters can be used in case you need to cut wood in angles. Other than that you can also get a Coping saw for smaller maintenance related jobs.

Saw Hand Saw

The job goes faster and better with an electric scroll saw or with a saber saw but the necessity is the only reason for buying them all.

Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are used to cut recesses for the installation of hinges. Wood Chisels are in various sizes but ¼ inches, or a half inch to ¾ inches Chisel are the best ones which serve your collection of useful tools just fine.

Wood Chisels Wood Chisels


Furniture restoration is super hard without clamps. In the beginning of every glue job. Then you will make neat, successful glue joints every time.

Clamps Clamps

There are four basic types of clamps at your hardware store, and you'll need all of them in a variety of sizes if you do much restore.

There are three basic types of clamps:

  • C-clamp
  • Bar clamp
  • Hand screws
  • Dowel Jig

Dowel Jig

The dowel is the wooden pegs that fit into holes drilled in each of the joined pieces. Many pieces of furniture have parts joined by dowels. Dowel joints form a strong, neat and long-lasting and if you use it properly your furniture undoubtedly will last long.

Dowel Jig Dowel Jig

The Dowel Jig is an important tool that helps to make Dowel on your wooden furniture and it obviously comes in different shapes and designs according to the brands you use. Used properly, they last longer.


You probably already own the standard pliers, called slip joint pliers.  In addition, two other types come in handy from time to time.  One is the long-nosed pliers, for working in tight places.  The other is end-cutting pliers, which you use to pull nails or cut off the heads of nails.

Pliers Pliers

Don't buy either of these immediately, because you will use them infrequently.  But keep them in mind, because there are rare moments when no other tool will do.


A rule, of course, is a device for measuring, and you need one constantly to measure the work.  Three types are helpful in doing good furniture work: the folding rule; the steel tape rule; and the try-square, commonly known as the T-square.

Rules Rules

The folding rule is the most convenient for general measurements, such as the inside of a drawer or cabinet.  The T-square is held against the outside of a cabinet, drawer or other square construction to show whether or not the corners are truly square.


Once in a while, you may find uses for a plane when making furniture parts, but I have found that need infrequent, so I don't recommend that you buy one.

Planes Planes

So these are the basic tools that you need to have in your tool box to make your maintainance related work easy.