See Elena Moussa in Bikini, Bare body and Sexy Feet; Greg Gutfeld's wife is hot

July 13, 2018
First Published On: October 23, 2016

Elena Moussa is well-known for being the wife of one of the greatest TV personalities and an author, Gregory John Gutfeld. Besides being celebrity wide, Moussa is famous for her sizzling body and bikini pictures.


Moussa is a professional fashion designer by profession and owns a rental clothing company named the Moussa Project. Leaving professional career aside, scroll down to have a look at Elena Moussa's bikini pictures:

Elena Moussa's Bikini Pictures

Besides being Gregory John Gutfeld's wife, her name is often mentioned in the headlines for her sizzling hot body and bikini pictures. Have a look at those bikini pictures right below:

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By the looks of all the pictures that she has shared, it appears as though she is a fashion designer.

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Elena comes from Russian ethnicity and she lived in Russia with her parents before she married Greg Gutfeld.

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She moved to the United Kingdom after she got married.

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Currently, Elena lives in New York, United States of America; with her husband Greg.

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Elena shares most of her stuff on Instagram.

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Though they are madly in love, it doesn’t appear like they are ready for kids and there are no clues of pregnancy yet.

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Before Elena and Greg got hitched, they dated for quite some time before making it official.

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Elena Stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and she has a model physique (somewhere around 33-24-35)

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Elena doesn’t like to be in everyone’s mouth.

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Her husband, Greg wrote an article about Elena; focusing on her beautiful black hair and brown eyes.

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Ten Facts about Elena Moussa

1. Elena Moussa is better known as Gregory John Gutfeld's wife.
2. Elena Moussa was born on May 4, 1982, and is 36 years old.
3. Elena Moussa was born in Russia.
4. Elena Moussa is a professional fashion designer.
5. Elena Moussa lives in New York, United States of America.
6. Elena Moussa is 5 feet 7 inches tall.
7. Elena Moussa's body measurements is somewhere around 33-24-35 inches.
8. Elena Moussa's hair color is black.
9. Elena Moussa has brown eyes.
10. Elena Moussa owns a rental clothing company named the Moussa Project.