Elena Moussa - Biography - Wife of Greg Gutfeld and Model

Elena Moussa is famous for being the wife of an American TV personality and author Gregory John Gutfeld. She was born on 4th May 1982. As per her Instagram profile, it looks like Elena as a professional fashion designer.


She is a beautiful Russian lady who lived with her parents in Russia before she married Greg. After she had moved to the United Kingdom; that is when she met Greg Gutfeld and fell in love.

Elena Moussa married life with Greg Gutfeld Married Life

Elena and Greg had dated for quite a time before they decided to get married in 2003. And the marriage was bound within their family and friend’s circle. Elena is so protective about her personal life that her name is not cited in any of Greg Gutfeld’s biography. However, Gutfeld is quite lucky to have a sizzling hot wife.

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Unlike Elena, Greg is pretty much popular in the entertainment world and active on social sites as well. Till date, it doesn’t appear like they have kids and there is no any news of Elena’s pregnancy or any related terms. At present, Elena lives with her husband in New York. 

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Who is Greg Gutfeld? 

Talking about her husband, Greg is a TV personality on Fox News Channel. He co-hosts the partisan talk show The Five and also hosts his show called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, is a late night news satire program.

Other than his TV appearance, he penned books like The Bible of Unspeakable Truth, The Scorecard, The Scorecard at Work, Not Cool; and Lessons From the Land of Pork Scratchings where he mentioned the beauty Elena possesses.

Moreover, before the marriage, Greg was alleged to be gay due to his various acts on media. However, everything turned straight after he married Elena.

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Since Greg is a writer, he wrote an article about Elena before their marriage; the article mainly focused on her beautiful brown eyes and black hair. He did that to grasp Elena’s attention because he desperately wanted her to notice him.

He once stated:

“Even if she was a weirdo, he got attracted towards her mysterious personality and that she was really beautiful and kind”.

The reasons why there is less information about her is that Elena likes to keep her private things within herself and doesn’t like the idea of being in everyone’s mouth. However, she doesn’t hesitate to share her pictures on Instagram and Twitter. It might sound a bit peculiar, but she does that in a very least way.

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Talking about her height, Elena has a model structure and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a seductive body measurement of 33-24-35 inches. She has got a very charming face, and she looks stunning in every dress she wears and designs. There are many pictures of her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

[ CAPTION: Elena Moussa ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Besides that, Elena Moussa and Greg Gutfeld are happily enjoying a blissful marital life without any rumors of divorce or any separation issues. No doubt, Elena Moussa's personal as well as professional life is successful.

Ten Facts about Elena Moussa

1. Elena Moussa was born on May 4, 1982.
2. Elena Moussa was born in Russia.
3. Elena Moussa holds Russian nationality.
4. Elena Moussa married Greg Gutfeld in 2003.
5. Elena Moussa is a professional fashion designer.
6. Elena Moussa's net worth is around $2 million.
7. Elena Moussa stands height of 5 feet 9 inches.
8. Elena Moussa weighs around 60 kg.
9. Elena Moussa is so secretive that her name is not cited in any of Greg Gutfeld’s biography.
10. Elena Moussa's body measurement is 33-24-35.